Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hero for a day mission structure, and a new poll!

Greetings all - so despite work taking an unpleasant amount of my not-at-work time at the moment, I'm still putting quite a bit of thought into the organisation of this event, and I thought it would be useful for me to lay out the structure of what I'm working on so that those of you thinking of attending can see what you're in for!

Well first, the initial poll for the event has finished and 70% of respondents said they'd be interested in attending. Nevermind that only 10 people voted, it's 70% and in politician speak that gives me an overwhelming mandate to progress things!

In terms of the latest update of the project, I've already mentioned I've got a narrator for the mission background for each game, I've also got my first sponsor interested, with our local stockist supportive of the idea. I'm hoping we may be able to get some interest from GW and some other firms in respect of catering (thank goodness my father in law is a chef!). In terms of the venue, I'm meeting with the Parish Council to discuss using the main hall at the venue of my weekly gaming club, and I'm hoping that we'll either be able to get it for a reduced rate or gratis (fingers crossed) as if not, I'll have to factor in a fee to cover the cost of room hire etc (as well as any food I can't get for free). Obviously I'm sure those attending would be happy to pay a reasonable ticket price, but I'm hoping for as much of that as possible to go to the charity (Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group).

As for the structure of the day, I'm working on the basis of getting eight games into the day. I know what you're thinking, eight sounds like a lot, but let me ease your mind by pointing out that two of these will be kill team style games, so will take no more than an hour each. That means that if we work on the basis of the games taking 2.5-3 hours each, we'll have between 4 and 7 hours of the day to take as breaks between games, lunch etc. I'll be simplifying the kill team rules from GW's ruleset and posting them up well in advance, so don't worry about needing access to the official set.

When I sat down to think about things, I was also concerned about the number of missions I would have to lay out if each round fed directly into the next (1 mission to start, with three possible others following, each of which would then have three more and so on for eight rounds! by my calculations that's over 3200 possible missions!)

I'm going to keep the layout more more simple therefore and have three subsections that come back to feed bonuses into the last game. Kill team missions for example will run separately to represent the covert battle between factions to gain battlefield advantage, and that battlefield advantage will then translate into a minor bonus in the final game. Similarly I'm thinking of including a pair of handicap missions to represent an outlying asset being assaulted separately to the main battle, and some doubles games.

I'm busy at the moment working out the mission parameters for each of the 38 games I've identified (in some ways this is gutting, adapting missions to fit 38 scenarios knowing that only 8 of them will get used!) and have completed the Kill Team missions. Just 26 more to go then!

But that's not all! What about the new vote? I hear you cry. What about Zone Mortalis, or Planetstrike, or an awesome flyer battle?

Well, there's still scope within the structure for that, although it would have to be restricted to delegated members from each team to play in the games for obvious reasons (how many of us own enough flyers to fill a whole table after all)?

So, lots more work to do, and lots more information to come, but hopefully you can see things are beginning to take shape nicely - next week's vote will be on whether to run the event noon-noon Sat-Sun or midnight-midnight (running either through the saturday or a sunday during  a bank holiday weekend?)

Oh yeah, and I've set up an email for the blog too, so if you want to send me anything that you'd rather wasn't available online, or if you just want to get a bit more involved in helping organise this, then just drop me an email to