Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hero for a Day - polling starts!

Who better than Lysander to be the poster boy for this event?
Morning all,

so, my first poll is up on the blog - I've started nice and simple, would you be interested in attending a 24-hour gaming event for charity?

Hero for a Day charity gaming event

Obviously at this early stage I'm simply trying to gauge interest in such an event so that I can work out how big it needs to be (roughly).

For all you other bloggers out there, if you want to re-share or post about this idea please feel free, any publicity you can give to the proposal is going to help.

Each poll will be live for a week, and I'll publish the results the following week along with the next poll going live.

The next few will be:

  • Would you like to play midnight-midnight or noon-noon (this will be important for room hire)
  • Would you like to see a team event or solo games
  • Would you like to see the event progress as a narrative throughout the day, with results of the first round affecting the following rounds?
  • Would you like to see games of varying scales throughout the day
  • Which race should occupy the 'home' world?

Personally, what I would like to do would be for it to be a team event (players would be allocated to teams based on the armies they have available, so there would be no need to have a team ready-made to attend), set out with a simple ladder type campaign for the day, so the results of the first games would affect the scenarios played in the following round etc. All set against the background of war descending on an occupied world (I'd like to do something different to the norm though, perhaps a retaliatory strike against a world recently conquered by the Tau for example?) This would allow scope for battles to take place at different scales throughout the day, possibly even with players using different armies if they wished, with special rules applying to individual rounds (a particular favourite I've played previously involved my army conducting a fighting retreat, gaining points for delaying the enemy army rather than destroying units).

All this is up for grabs though - I've obviously been thinking about things but what I would really like is lots of community feedback so that the event is what would interest the people taking part the most, bearing in mind the day is about doing something for charity rather than personal pride (hence why I'm leaning towards a 'team' event).

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