Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Hero for a day - covert ops missions

Well howdy friends and neighbours - hope you all had an awesome Christmas and are looking forward to embarking on a hobby-filled new year!

Santa brought me a nice wodge of cash so I'll be having a careful think about what to spend that on soon - though I definitely need to start off with some new brushes and a few paints!

Friday, 25 December 2015

Hero for a day - the fight for Hormung Prime

Rassai watched as the light gradually faded, his vision narrowing to a slit before the blackness engulfed him once more. His body tensed as he anticipated the pain to come. He wasn’t waiting long, as the needles slid their way through the scarred tissue into his central nervous system, his body exploding with the sensation of fire as his mind was overwhelmed by the sudden sensory input.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Iron fists painting 'to-do' pile

Morning all! 
So what do we do at this time of year other than take stock of things and look to the future to try and figure out what the next twelve months has in store? I recently took the above picture to remind myself just how far my marine collection has come since I decided to revamp things just over two years ago. So what is still left to do? And what is still missing that I'd like to add?

Monday, 21 December 2015

Hobby update - 21/12/15

With Christmas fast approaching and almost two weeks off work, I'm getting pretty excited about being able to make some decent hobby progress once more. With that in mind, and with my wife having taken our daughters to a nativity and church party on Sunday, I had a few hours to myself to get some work done on my Tau once more.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

2015 resolutions - how did I do?

Morning all, so here's the promised review of my resolutions for this year. I'm getting nervous myself to see how I did!

  • Hit at least 100,000 page views. Tick!
  • Squeeze some money out of google. Fail!
  • Complete codex reviews for Dark Eldar and Blood Angels. Fail!
  • Finish my 1850pt Dark Eldar list (painting it, that is). Tick!
  • Re-paint Astorath the Grim. Fail!
  • Paint the dreadnought wing and jump pack detachments of my Blood Angels (well, I sold them so technically a fail but with an excuse - I'm calling it N/A!)
  • Paint terminator force for the Iron Fists. Fail! (they're half done)
  • Exceed my 2014 win ratios for Dark Eldar and Marines. Fail!
  • Beat Mj more often than he beats me (40k only). Tick!
  • Actually get my Blood Angels and Eldar armies into some games. Sold, so N/A!
  • Attend and place in the top half of Blog Wars 9. Tick!
  • Run MAD league bloodbowl season 2. Tick!
  • Run more kill team events at MAD Wargaming. Tick!

So, a total ratio of 6 from 11 potential targets. Not bad, but room for improvement!

As for the 5 failed targets:
Squeezing money from google - I think this was a highly ambitious target, expecting to receive over £60 in revenue from clicks on the ads on my blog. I doubt I'll carry this forward to next year, though I'm obviously grateful for anyone who takes the time to click an ad.

Codex reviews for Dark Eldar and Blood Angels. Gotta hold my hands up here - whilst I pretty much abandoned the Blood Angels early in the year (the codex was pretty uninspired and certainly uninspiring I think) I've got no excuse for not reviewing the rest of the Dark Eldar codex. Next year I think I'll likely begin by working on the Tau reviews using my new format and see how we get on - I reckon reviewing two full codices is a reasonable workload.

Re-painting Astorath the Grim. Yeah, this should have easily been achieved. I may complete this early next year and get him up on ebay since the rest of my blood angels are gone already.

Paint my terminators for the Iron Fists. Again, no excuses, I've got them half done but starting a Tau army probably didn't help me achieve this target. Next year...

It's clear that this year I haven't been quite so successful with my main two armies in general - I think I need to sit down over the Christmas period and have a rethink of my strategies with them both to refresh things for the New Year.

So, what areas am I going to look at for next year's resolutions? I realise it's a bit early, but I'll formulate more specific objectives from these areas.

  • The main one has to be running a successful event - that's clearly going to be my biggest challenge.
  • Gaming. Well, having achieved my challenge of winning more games against Mj I'll have to set myself the next challenge. Similarly speaking I liked the constantly evolving challenge of improving on my win ratios - I may however look to set out exceptions for things like experimental lists. I'm going to need to challenge myself with the Tau too from a gaming perspective.
  • Painting. This is always an ongoing thing, and I do like having a stock of unpainted models to keep me going when I can't afford to buy anything new. I may however look at formalising the list of things I still need to paint, possibly setting a points target of painting progress each month.
  • Blog stuff. Well I will need to set myself a challenging target, with a view to increasing traffic to the site - hopefully hero for a day will help with this, but more than anything I think I need to look at putting more effort into constructing posts properly, and I'd love to get a regular battle report slot in too - possibly doing one fully realised report a month - these games take much longer to play. I may look at roping in some friends to possibly get some video work done to accompany the reports too, we'll see.
  • Hobbying. I'm fairly determined to get a solid Tau collection in place this year to complement my Marines and Dark Eldar. Following on from that I'm keen to look at beginning a fourth 40k army. As you all probably know by now I'm a bit of a hobby butterfly sometimes, so I'll have to think carefully about what I want to do in this regard, but I'll probably look at going back to a faction I've tried previously (at the moment I'm looking carefully at Astra Militarum, but that could change)

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Hero for a Day update

Hi all - a quick update today for you regarding the event I will be hosting next year - Hero for a Day.

I haven't been able to make much progress recently in developing missions due to my day job interfering in my evenings, and the need to crack on with building and painting my next wave of Tau (due to be finished by the end of January, eek!). 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

40k Army Building - assembly!

Hi all, well I've finally got round to getting this article sorted (and actually getting the models on which it's based)

So, where do we start when it comes to assembly (and no, I don't mean by reciting "Good Morning The Burning Eye, Good Morning Everybody").

Monday, 14 December 2015

Hobby update 14/12/15

Ooh, time is ticking away and it'll soon be the time to assess my hobby resolutions from last year! (if you want to refresh yourself on what I said I'd be doing, that post is available here though its not the best edited post I've ever written!)

In the meantime though, what have I been up to over the last week or so?

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tau piranha, my most ambitious conversion project so far

The official GW piranha model
Hi all - bonus post for you today, as last night I decided to have a go at recreating converted piranhas I've seen on the internet.

I love the rules for the piranha, little speedy anti-tank units are great fun to play on the tabletop, particularly when they can drop out annoying little drones too. I don't like the layout of the official GW model though, so decided to have a go at recreating something I've seen done elsewhere that makes them look a bit more like a mini-flyer than anything else, and really emphasises their speed through the appearance of the model.

Monday, 7 December 2015

A little perspective - and frustrations with UPS.

Hello hobbyists everywhere, welcome to this week's update post!

So after last week's progress I got all inspired and on Friday night I broke out the paints and a classic film to watch and got cracking once more. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015