Monday, 7 December 2015

A little perspective - and frustrations with UPS.

Hello hobbyists everywhere, welcome to this week's update post!

So after last week's progress I got all inspired and on Friday night I broke out the paints and a classic film to watch and got cracking once more. 

Having finished up my first terminator squad, I decided I could probably do with getting on with the second (strike while the iron is hot and all that) so got most of them finished, alongside some conversion work on my librarius conclave (now up to five usable models, even though they're not painted yet). I finally found a use for the dark angels hooded head that's been in my bits box for ages, along with an emperor's children resin head that I've had since I converted up my honour guard using the forgeworld EC helmets.

These guys won't be a priority for painting at the moment, but I'm looking forward to getting them done soon.

Whilst that was it for my painting over the weekend I finished the terminator squad today (see the pic at the top of the post).

What I'm really keen to show you however is my progress on the Iron Fists in general. To that end I spent a while on Sunday night putting out all the models I had that were finished (storm talon base excepted). I've not included the centurions, or the landspeeders as these need re-layering due to varnish issues, but even without them I hope you'll agreed this is a pretty nifty collection - it currently weighs in at around 2600pts, so would be well over 3000 once those aforementioned models are corrected.

I really couldn't believe when I was putting these guys out though just how much stuff I've got that is 'almost' finished. There are still a few models short of finished bases, no chapter badges painted or even just a couple of layers of highlights missing, so I'll be focusing on getting these done in and around the Tau new arrivals, so this display is going to stay in my garage for a bit whilst I add the newly finished stuff to it, so look for another post over the christmas period probably updating things!

Finally, I alluded in the title to a little postage frustration - having decided last week to use my local store to supply me with the new tau stuff following my birthday, I eagerly drove over to Melton on Friday to pick my order up, as they usually arrive around lunchtime. The assistant promised to message me when it arrived, however at nearly three o'clock I'd heard nothing, so popped in just in case she'd forgotten. Sadly she hadn't - and by the time the store closed they'd still not delivered! Thankfully they arrived today so I've asked a very good friend to collect them for me on his way round to mine for a game tonight - Cheers Martin!

Till next time!

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