Friday, 25 December 2015

Hero for a day - the fight for Hormung Prime

Rassai watched as the light gradually faded, his vision narrowing to a slit before the blackness engulfed him once more. His body tensed as he anticipated the pain to come. He wasn’t waiting long, as the needles slid their way through the scarred tissue into his central nervous system, his body exploding with the sensation of fire as his mind was overwhelmed by the sudden sensory input.

Long, drawn out seconds passed, and the extreme sensation passed, seeming less like torture and more like the useful tactical information it was as his enforcer battlesuit passed all the information it could gather from its sensors directly into his brain. Suddenly he felt alive, as he had not felt since the last time he had worn the armour, the agonising transition to full awareness had faded completely and he felt whole once more.

With a thought, he switched the visual input in the battlesuit’s helmet from its own optics to the external cameras mounted on the fuselage of the manta carrying his hunter cadre. Below him was the blasted landscape of Hormung prime, the city sprawl no longer a stone testament to the arrogance of the Gue’la and their belief in their invulnerability. The shattered city was now no more than a record of the destructive power of Tau weaponry and their ability to strike at the Imperium wherever and whenever they chose.

He opened a comm channel to the water caste pilot on the flight deck of the mass transporter.

“There – land us in that abandoned concourse.” He said, “We will bait the defenders from the safety of their walls and hunt them through the ruins of their former existence.” It is time this world belonged to the Tau."