Monday, 14 December 2015

Hobby update 14/12/15

Ooh, time is ticking away and it'll soon be the time to assess my hobby resolutions from last year! (if you want to refresh yourself on what I said I'd be doing, that post is available here though its not the best edited post I've ever written!)

In the meantime though, what have I been up to over the last week or so?

Well, I've been on a big kick recently to get my WIP stuff finished before starting anything new. Of course the problem with that is I'm also participating in a Tale of Gamers style series at my club, meaning that I can't ignore getting my new models painted. Still, I had a bit of a break from the Tau while I was waiting for an order to arrive, so last week I also managed to get progress on these guys.



Almost finished!

That's quite a bit of progress for me considering how much real life has been interfering with the hobby stuff lately (I've had to put in a lot of time at work to get a major report ready, but thankfully the presentation of that was last Thursday and everything went swimmingly well, so now I'm feeling very relaxed about things for a bit!)
My order also arrived, thanks to a friend who collected it from the local toy shop for me, so I got cracking on the Tau in the evenings I had available.

This stuff is to allow me to field a Tau Hunter Contingent at 1000pts, and represents almost three quarters of that points allowance (yup, the new detachment changed very much how I wanted to field my Tau!)

This here is Shas'O Rassai, my Commander, and though I was disappointed to realise that the Tau Commander kit only includes one of each type of weapon he can carry, the kit itself was fun to put together - there are plenty of other options in there that you don't need to make two models from this kit look the same. I magnetised this fella quite a lot too, to the extent that I can alternate both weapon loadouts and the angle of the jet pack thrusters on his back (yeah I'm not sure why I did that either).

The first of two Piranhas coming for this army, they'll both be converted like this so that they look more sleek and speedy.

The Ghostkeel. Yet to be christened, and I've also yet to decide if I go with the Ion Raker or the Fusion Collider (probably fusion at this point, I need as much of it in my army as I can get!). Again, this new kit is a realy joy, even though it is somewhat detailed. Again I've used magnets, currently just for the main gun but the shoulder weapons will be magnet mounted too, to allow for using the other weapons if needed.

And finally for now the Hammerhead. I'm going with the Ion Cannon at this point because I feel it's the better option for the armies I'm facing in the tale (power armoured dudes)
Guess what though? Yup, magnets again so that I can take the railgun if needed (or if I just want the Hammerhead to look cooler!)

I have also built the new breacher squad, but haven't yet done bases for them, and the arms are still waiting to be magnetised so they'll appear in a later post - let's just say though that the new fire warrior kit (which makes either breachers or strikers) is a huge improvement on the previous one, which felt like you were buying more air than plastic!

So that's my hobby progress done - next article up is going to be the army building series again, this time I'll be using these Tau kits to explain the process of putting a model together