Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hobby update - and a new poll!

Hello, people of the internet, this is me calling - and I've got plenty of progress to report today!

Well, I had a few days off work this week to celebrate my birthday (not a significant one, I just like being off work, haha). Massive opportunity for progress then, I hear you say.

Well, not so much - with all the things planned I didn't have a huge amount of free time, and with a bit of a cold and recovery from a monster fortnight at work I didn't get as much done as would have been nice.

What i did manage however has been very satisfying. I've finally finished my Sternguard veteran squad that I began over a year ago. They've been great fun to paint, though by the end even I was being tested somewhat by all the layers and details that needed to be applied. They're done now though, so all I need to do is buy and paint them a drop pod (aaaaaaarrrgh!).

I've been on a bit of a veteran theme recently, and as the sternguard look so good on the table (I'm actually really loving the white helmets) I put some time into my terminators too. I managed to get the first squad finished, and the second is well under way.

The second squad just needs the top layer of highlights applying once the wash is dry (I'll hopefully do some tomorrow)

Finally then in terms of visible progress on the Iron Fists I got the bases of some scouts finished - these have been bugging me as the model paintjobs have all been done for a while, they'd just sat on the shelf unbased until recently.

I've also been toying recently with trying to decide what army to do after Tau (I know, talk about forward planning)! Now I've always had a love for red ever since my original blood angels army (and before that actually, when I painted an airfix f14 Tomcat bright red much to the disgust of my aeroplane mad brother). I've tried starting blood angels and I just didn't want to paint more power armour with the amount I've got left to do for the Iron Fists.

So in a Zulu-inspired moment of madness I decided to go with Astra Militarum. I'd got an old model lying around in my garage that has been there for ages so put down some basic on it to see how it looks, and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results.
Background thoughts are buzzing round my head at present, but they are likely to be the 24th Natal Heavy Infantry 'The Bromheads' unless a better suggestion presents itself.

I also was very lucky to have received lots of lovely presents of cash from relatives for my birthday so on saturday I headed over to the local toy store and ordered a big bundle of Tau stuff - come tomorrow I should be taking delivery of enough models to complete my 1000pt Tale of 4 Gamers list using the new codex.

I've posted up a new poll on the blog too - have a look at it and please vote, or feel free to email me suggestions for the Hero for a Day event.