Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Iron fists painting 'to-do' pile

Morning all! 
So what do we do at this time of year other than take stock of things and look to the future to try and figure out what the next twelve months has in store? I recently took the above picture to remind myself just how far my marine collection has come since I decided to revamp things just over two years ago. So what is still left to do? And what is still missing that I'd like to add?

By my calculations, and once wargear and upgrades are factored in, that collection of painted models is 3000pts strong. 

My unpainted collection, not including upgrades etc clocks in at just over 4100pts. So, plenty still to do then!

That total breaks down as follows:

Aegis line

Storm Raven
Storm Talon
2 land raiders

5 Scouts
31 Assault Marines
21 Tactical Marines
7 Honour Guard
3 Centurions
1 lightning claw veteran
5 librarians (1 terminator)
5 thunder hammer terminators
5 lightning claw terminators
2 cyclone missile launcher terminators
Lysander (converted)
Terminator Captain
Thunderfire Cannon

7 Scout bikes
1 Attack bike
7 bikes

So, what's missing from the list?

Well first up, plenty of drop pods for starters. Both dreadnoughts will need one, as realistically will a couple of the tactical squads already painted, and the sternguard that are already finished. so 5 (yikes!). For the occasions when I want a vehicular mounted army I'll need a couple of rhinos to complement my pair of razorbacks.

In a mobile bike list I'm still short of a few attack bikes to provide some real anti-tank punch, so a couple more of those would be useful. I currently have no bike mounted librarian either, which is an alarming omission given that bikes are my 'go to' list.

My current collection's real shortcomings though are in relation to armour - I have no predators and the rest of my tank collection is fairly light now they can be taken in squadrons. I can see a use for another whirlwind, at least a pair of predators and possibly another land raider. I'd also like a venerable dreadnought to add to the list to complete my collection of walkers.

Of course there's one particularly glaring omission in that list, that could easily be rectified - there are no devastator marines at all in my collection. I've got plenty of tactical marine bodies that could easily be used to make the most of heavy weapons, so a couple of devastator boxes will fill the power armoured infantry section quite nicely.

Finally, I've always wanted to be able to field a full scout company, so some land speeder storms and a few more tactically flexible scout squads would be good.

So, what's the priority for me to finish the existing models in my collection?

I think the main thing is to get my standard list options done, so bikes come at the top of that (197pts), closely followed by the storm talon (130), the land speeder (80). and the scout bikes (141). The storm raven can follow that as it will let me field the Storm Wing fully painted (230).

After that, I'd love to get my assault contingent completed, though the dreadnought should really be first since it's almost done (100). With three squads of assault marines and one of honour guard (649) there's plenty there to keep me going for a while yet, and after those (approx 1500pts) I can then re-evaluate the position later in the year.

Till next time - don't get daunted by your painting pile!