Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tau piranha, my most ambitious conversion project so far

The official GW piranha model
Hi all - bonus post for you today, as last night I decided to have a go at recreating converted piranhas I've seen on the internet.

I love the rules for the piranha, little speedy anti-tank units are great fun to play on the tabletop, particularly when they can drop out annoying little drones too. I don't like the layout of the official GW model though, so decided to have a go at recreating something I've seen done elsewhere that makes them look a bit more like a mini-flyer than anything else, and really emphasises their speed through the appearance of the model.

Don't get over-excited though - the conversion is not complex in the grand scheme of those you tend to see around, but for me it's probably the biggest thing I've done so far. The basic principle is that rather than placing the engines and wings at the front of the model, they are attached to the rear, and the wings are reversed so they appear 'swept back' to give a sleeker appearance.

This was my template to emulate (not copy!)

The first part of the model is to assemble the central portion as per the main instructions.

You then need to slice off the protruding elements from the side of the chassis that are intended to hold the wings if it is assembled in the 'normal' way.

Next you need to cut a slot in the wing to account for the engine surround so that the wing will actually sit flush against it. Don't worry too much about being hugely precise here as you can green stuff any gaps later.

You'll then need to build up the side of the engine pod with a bit of plasticard (not much is needed, I used the offcuts from some vacuum formed terrain I'd got lying around) to make sure it sits proud of the chassis.

Attach the wings and voila! you have a converted piranha that looks more like a fast mini-flyer than a pod racer.
The finished body, short of just crew and drones
Just one more to do and the squadron will be complete!

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