Friday, 15 January 2016

Confessions of a 40k addict adsense competition

Hi all, so today instead of the increasingly sporadic funny friday posts, I've got a different kind of picture for you all.

Some of you (ok, probably all of you) will know of Dave Weston at confessions of a 40k addict - if you don't I highly recommend a look over there as the guy is a tremendous painter with some really innovative stuff.

He's also a dab hand with graphics, and has his own print and play building templates and game markers.

Well, as with myself, Dave added an advert section to his blog with the idea of generating a bit of income from clicks. Now unfortunately the way google works the revenue from their adverts is that you don't get paid until you've earned £60. I'm labouring way down in the doldrums at just over a fiver at the moment so I might get some money by the time I retire. Dave used his first payment though to get hold of a knight, and his Cerastus is truly inspiring! In order to give something back to the community he's running a competition, with the winner getting a knight or equivalent.

Now obviously I love to support my blogger colleagues, and I also love the idea of a free model, so here's my entry - the only restriction is that your entry must comprise the free stuff from Dave's blog. I think he'd envisaged seeing pictures of battle using his terrain etc, but I decided to be a bit more off the wall.

I like to call this - Where's Weston?
Yes, he's in there somewhere!