Thursday, 28 January 2016

Hero for a Day - latest update

Greetings all,
Just been looking back over my recent posts and it seems I've been remiss in updating you on progress on Hero for a Day for a couple of weeks. Rest assured, I haven't been sat on my hands doing nothing in that time, though I have been working hard on a few other things as well.

We've got some more mission structures laid out, which I will explain about soon, and this weekend just gone I was interviewed about the event on the Splintermind Podcast, run by The Dark City. I've never done anything like this before, so it was an interesting new experience for me, but Brian the host was extremely helpful and everything seemed to go really well. Wonderful guy that he is he's also pledged to paint us something for the raffle on the day so if you know his work that'll be a treat for whoever wins that prize! If you'd like to see more of his work, I suggest you check out his project log here - it's well worth a look. Brain has also passed the event details onto another podcast called 'It will not die' who are interested in having me on their show to talk about the event.

I've also decided that rather than try to get missions etc out to all the participants in one go, I'd like your feedback on them as soon as possible, that way if any of the details need tweaking then I'll have plenty of time between now and the event date. To that end, I'm making all the missions available in a pack online (here) as I go along, and the link is posted on the main Hero for a Day page. I've also got a first draft completed of the rules for the Covert Ops missions, which is linked on the Hero for a Day page, so please try them out and let me know what issues there are. Please please do try the missions out, and if anything doesn't seem to work very well or seems unbalanced (you can think something's great on paper but it just doesn't always work in real life) then let me know, either through a comment on the blog or emailing the blog address. Equally if you try them and it runs smoothly and is awesomeness personified then my ego would like to hear from you!

As always - if you have any great ideas for missions or some you've played elsewhere that you'd like to see used please let me know and point me to them, I'll have a look.

Till next time,