Monday, 4 January 2016

Hobby progress once more!

Hi all, and Happy New Year!

This is my first proper post of 2016 (my hobby resolutions were written a few days before Christmas 2015) so I hope you all had an good break - my commiserations if you didn't.

First to report, I have achieved my first resolution of the year! This has to be some kind of record for me, but I've used some of the money I got for Christmas to buy myself some new brushes - about time really since my others were over two years old and have seen me through probably the busiest painting years of my hobby life. Once the new brushes arrive I'll do a comparison pic to show just how worn they are - but as you can imagine it's a lot!

Despite not posting over the Christmas break I've not rested on my laurels, and I'm pleased to say that I've got plenty of progress to report (even if there aren't quite so many pictures!).

First up, the Tau Obsidian Enclave are progressing nicely - all my new purchases are now assembled and converted (including three crisis suits I bought at Christmas) with painting well underway on much of what I've bought. My Commander battlesuit is finished (as you can see above) as are the first three members of my breacher team

The more I see of these guys the more I like them, and I'm looking forward to using them in anger properly for the first time on Thursday (I've proxied them before so I know how effective they can be). Not only that, but as many Tau players will no doubt have noticed, the new fire warrior boxed set comes with a lot (and I mean a lot!) of spare parts, meaning the breacher team only shares legs and body with the normal fire warriors. Consequently, with a shrewd bit of ebay purchasing combined with the bundle of spares I've already got, I will soon be able to add another 10 fire warriors to my collection for the bargain price of £7.

Alongside this progress, my ghostkeel is coming along nicely, and just needs edge highlights and a bit of green adding before it's complete. I did a nice little comparison shot of all the bigger suits in my collection over Christmas just to get an idea of how they stand up against each other.

On other fronts, I've been sorting out the man cave and organising the Iron Fists stuff that needs painting (along with adding some much needed extra shelves to my cabinet). That resulted in this scary looking paint pile, though I've broken it down into much more manageable waves that are now boxed up ready to be worked on (In Order!).

Finally for today, I also invested a little holiday money into some new items, both for the Tau and the 'fourth army' I'll be working on later this year.

These were nicely in stock at my local shop and I couldn't resist - especially as I get a discount, effectively making the Cadians free!

As I said I've assembled the crisis suits although I haven't got a picture of them all together to hand.

These guys will round out the Obsidian Enclave for now - though I can certainly see myself adding a lot more to them over the year - I can't stress how much I like the new suits in comparison to the old ones, and I'd love to add a broadside contingent to the army too.

Once this little lot is painted then (end Jan-mid Feb I reckon) I'll be switching attention back to the Iron Fists for a bit, whilst working up the scheme for the new army (I've already got a basic draft and have done a bit of research online on how I can apply that to vehicles).

I'm hoping to get back to doing a more structured approach to blog posts this year too, which will once again see Mondays as my hobby and painting update day, with terrain on Tuesdays, reviews on Wednesdays and hopefully battle reports over the weekends (though don't expect me to post on all of those topics every week!)

Till next time,