Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Hobby update - the Enclave expands!

Hi all - we're onto another hobby post then I guess, once again we're concentrating on the Obsidian Enclave (hmm, gonna have to really push to achieve my 300pts of Iron Fists this month once the Tau are done!) though there's a bit of scatter terrain thrown in there too.
First up then has to be the big guy - I've been working on him for a while it seems, so to have finally finished all the niggly highlights is a relief.

It must be the paint job that's done the trick too, as he performed excellently in my latest game (swanky new battle report format to follow on Thursday).

On the other days last week then I got a little burned out from painting black and highlighting it, so i butterflied a bit and got this terrain finished.

 The two pieces on the right were given to me by a friend, and the one on the left is my Amera crashed gunship from my modular table. It's got nowhere near the detail of the other pieces seeing as it's only £4 at full retail price I can hardly complain. Amera have also agreed to supply Hero for a Day with some of their terrain pieces as raffle prizes on the day, so thank you very much to them for that!

 On Thursday lunchtime I decided to break a little even further, and got cracking on the scheme for my forthcoming guard army. I'll be doing a detailed post on the work I'm doing on their colour scheme in the coming week, but here's a little taster for now!

Following my game on Thursday, I decided to really focus down and get another Tau model finished by the end of the weekend. I managed it, just (by about 20 minutes) despite getting distracted by my terrain boards again (patience, you'll get to see all the pics at some point).

Then, wonder of wonders, my new brushes arrived. There's been a lot of stuff going round on the internet recently with someone selling a set of Winsor and Newton brushes ridiculously cheap. The problem with this set that I can see is twofold. First, they are the standard round brushes, not the miniature range, and second, the sizes included are the 0, 1, 2 and 3 sizes. Now I know some people can paint well with larger brushes than I can, but I really don't use the number 2 brush I've got that much, let alone a size 3!

Here's a couple of comparison photos to show you the difference between a) the miniature and standard ranges and b) a new brush and a worn brush.

As you can see, the miniature range on the left has a much shorter tip than the standard range, meaning it holds less paint, but has a much better ability to keep its shape. It actually has a point too, unlike the battered and worn version on the right.

This is the size 0 comparison. One thing I've noticed is that as the brushes get smaller, they seem to have worn less, with my 00 actually being in reasonable nick considering the abuse it's taken. Can't say the same for the bigger ones though!

 So finally for today, I've been putting some time into the hammerhead, as it too performed pretty well in my last game once it had got over the initial turn. There's still plenty of highlights to add and some small details like the missile heads, but it's certainly passable now!

Till next time,