Monday, 18 January 2016

Hobby update - the Enclave so far!

Morning all!
As those of you who follow my blog with any regularity will have realised, I like to keep a sense of perspective in my hobby life by looking back regularly to see what I've achieved. On this occasion, that means checking out the painted models from the Obsidian Enclave. 
I've been cracking on like some kind of dervish this week, despite the extremely slow progress to be made on edge highlighting Tau vehicles, I'm now just 7 infantry models short of hitting my target for January (I need to have my 1000pt list fully painted for the Tale of 4 Gamers Series), and with the time I've got left and how long they take, I'm inclined to also push to get the Crisis suits finished by the end of the month.

So I mentioned Tau vehicles, here's the Hammerhead that is now done.
The Ion Cannon on the turret has been magnetised, so once everything is painted up for January, the jobs to get done for the Tau include painting up both the alternative gun (Heavy Railgun) and the Skyray turret, which can be swapped out for the Hammerhead turret without any issues.

So, the stuff that's left on the table is this:

The eagle eyed amongst you will probably have spotted some piles of bits in the background, which are shown in closer detail here:
This is my piece de resistance as it were - spare parts from my existing fire warrior boxes and the latest breacher set, plus a few torsos from ebay mean I've been able to put ten extra fire warriors together with pulse rifles - these will sync nicely with the DS8 tactical support turret from the breacher kit.

Finally, I've been back at the paints on the Imperial Guard test scheme, and here are the latest results - let me know what you think!

Till next time!