Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Terrain Tuesday - the modular board returns!

Hello dear readers - I've brought back an old favourite - Terrain Tuesday!

Whilst this first post will be setting out the basics of where I am in my quest to complete a modular terrain table at my home that I can then transport and use at my club, in the longer term I'll be posting reviews of terrain I've bought, assembled and painted, as well as detailing a more DIY approach to building certain elements of terrain for the table and my games in general.

Let's jump right in though with this first post - where am I in terms of getting enough pieces complete for a 6x4 table of modular sections?

In short? How about a picture - it should save me a thousand words or so!

So the row of four pieces on the left are completely done (well, the bastion still needs more painting, but the base is done). Of the next row, the three trench pieces need a final highlight and some detail painting of the inside of the trench, then they're done. The third row and beyond is where I need to really put some effort in. The ruined building is almost done, again just needing a final highlight. The skyshield needs painting but the base is done and the crashed gunship also needs the final highlight and the gunship itself painting.

As you can see, the right hand half of the table needs rather a lot more work, with the bases I've got needing edging, filling and painting, and the rightmost third needing basing from the start. I obviously need to compile a list of things I'll need to finish them off, but as a whole it's a lot less work than I was fearing!

Of course this isn't the only terrain I have lying around, with some scatter pieces to give these boards a bit more variety - so last night in a fit of enthusiasm I decided to get painting, and here are the results.
This is one of two pieces given to me by a friend and I think it's a GW piece - it's certainly more detailed than any of the other bits I have bought myself. I painted it up to match roughly his guard colour scheme as a sort of homage I guess, but it'll also give some much needed colour to the otherwise quite dull board, without being too garish. I may even look to do something similar with the bastion and skyshield, and the crashed gunship modular piece I've got will also be in the same colours. All in all this piece took me about an hour to paint from scratch, so again I'm fairly positive that progress on the board can be pretty quick when I focus on it.

Till next time!