Thursday, 7 January 2016

Top ten posts of 2015

Hi all,
I thought I'd have a quick nosey back at how the blog did over the last year and how things went, so this year I'll be posting up occasional articles on past performance - in this instance which ten posts garnered the most views over the year (yes, I'm aware of the inherent imbalance of taking viewing figures for posts in the early part of the year and comparing them to posts that have been live for a much shorter period, but as the top scoring post came from the second half of the year I don't think it's skewed things too much.

As is customary I'll present these in reverse order.

10. Space Marine Battle Company Challenge - 343 views
There was me thinking this was one of my more innovative and interesting ideas. I guess the viewing figures support that to an extent, but the response level was a little disappointing with only 2 replies. I'm not deterred though and might very well look at including more of these in the fullness of time, perhaps once we've got some more nested detachments in the more commonly seen armies (Astra Militarum, Chaos Marines etc)
9. How to paint purple - the Burning Eye way - 346 views
Now I'm really pleased this came in the top ten, because I was (and still am) very proud of my Dark Eldar army, and in particular the subtle effects of drybrushing and layer detailing I used in creating them. My other armies are less creative in this respect, though I'll certainly look at posting up a review of the red I'll be using when tackling the Astra Militarum later this year - in particular making it a) not so bright that it looks stupid but still not being dull and b) weathering and highlighting red effectively without making it look orange or pink.
8. Building a modular terrain table - 415 views
Interesting result - I'll be honest this post was less about how to do such a thing and more about deciding that I was going to (which I haven't yet). But it certainly gives me a good pointer as to where to go first with my terrain series this year (I absolutely have to get that table finished in the first half of this year as I'll be using the tiles in Hero for a Day.
7. Tau rumours and leaks - a burning eye view - 421 views
Here we go, as I suspected, rumours and leaks posts tend to get quite good viewing figures - in this instance it was the Tau and I'm pretty happy to say that in general my speculation was quite accurate. I didn't foresee the missiles on the Stormsurge going 'D' but then I didn't read anyone else who figured that out either, so I'm not going to get too upset.
6. Space marine rumours - The Burning Eye's take - 452 views
Another rumour post - and another one where I'm pretty pleased with the actual outcome when I compare it with my views. Sure I was wrong on the command tank bit, but who thought they'd produce warhammer world only variant tank kits?
5. New Space Marine codex - how will you deal with yours? - 453 views
Riding on the wave of new codex rumours this post was really a reflective piece about how to accommodate the changes made to an army when a codex gets updated. It still rings very true to me in terms of how I like to operate, though I was on the whole pretty underwhelmed by the formations we saw in the new marine book. Some of the more recent ones from campaign supplements definitely interest me so I may need to look at getting hold of those this year.
4. Space Marine rumours 3 - 516 views
Another rumour post - though I was a bit more off-piste with this one. Again, it highlights just how putting the word 'rumour' in the title of a post encourages views, though I'd like to think I only do that when the rumours appear fairly solid - I don't like to post just any old tidbit I hear about.
3. Amera Plastic Mouldings review and terrain tuesday - 617 views
The first 'review' post in the list, but I'm really glad it's done so well (and got plenty of comments to boot, including one from the manufacturer!). My work on the terrain has stalled over the later months last year, but I'm looking to get back on the ball with it in the early part of this year to finally get my modular boards finished. 
2. Imperial Knights Codex review - 826 views
Another review, and again one I'm pretty pleased with - I'd not had the previous Knights codex so came at this one without preconceived ideas and I think that came across pretty well. I've still yet to invest in a knight myself but I'd love to start getting my hands on some bigger models now they're becoming more common.
1. 40k unit review - Tau breacher squad - 874 views
So the most recent post in the list also steals the number 1 spot! These guys are brand new for the new Tau codex so I'm not at all surprised that plenty of you decided to have a look at a unit review for them. 
Given the review was written on the basis of leaked images rather than with codex 'in hand' I'm pretty pleased with it - the conclusions stand up to the more rigorous examination conducted since then, and I've had the pleasure of watching them wipe out a couple of grav gun bike units of marines before getting vapourised in the following turn thanks to being the most prominent target.

I think most of all what this list shows is that if I want lots of interaction on the blog, and increasing viewing figures (yes, I'd like to see my blog more widely read, even though I don't want to sacrifice content for 'easy' views) then two things really stand out as being successful topics. Unit reviews, and rumour analysis. I've already said that this year I want to complete many more unit reviews than I've done in the past, and I'll stand by that aim certainly. Rumour work however will remain the preserve of occasional interest as I don't want to turn this blog into a rumour site - I'll continue to comment on rumours that apply to the armies I have an interest in and a limited knowledge of.

I hope you found that of interest, and take the time to have a look back at some of the posts listed here - I don't think many of them have dated particularly (except of course the rumours to a certain inevitable extent) so they're still worth a read.

This look back has also given me a few ideas and some motivation for hobby stuff this year too (look out for completion of my amera terrain board and modular table, and probably a few more painting tutorials).

Till next time,