Thursday, 11 February 2016

Hero for a Day - overview so far!

Hi all - after a little nudge from a mate I figured it would be sensible to do an up-to-date overview of the details of this event as they currently stand. In the future I think I'll try and do these regularly, using a more standard template so you can all see what's changed

Date: 20th August 2016 (starting at midnight on Friday 19th August and running until midnight Saturday 20th)

Venue: Asfordby Parish Hall, 24 Main Street, Asfordby, Melton Mowbray LE14 3SA

Cost: To be confirmed - but I'm aiming to keep it as low as possible.

Format: Team event - 2 teams of ten, formed on the basis of available factions - 1 team will be imperial, the other will be everything else (including Tyranids)

Concept: A 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for charity, the event will be a narrative, tree style 'campaign in a day' encompassing various different game styles - the first game will be classic 1v1, there will be 2 covert ops games incorporating small forces (200-250pts), 2 doubles games, and 2 handicap games, and the final game will be 1v1 again.

The result of each game will be added to the result of all the other games in the round, and the mission played in the next round will be affected by which team scored higher (I'm even writing missions for if the round is a tie).

Each team will have a captain who will assign players to tables, check that the lists players bring are within the spirit of the event, and will have bonuses to play throughout the day to affect games. The captains will also be able to join one of their team mates in the handicap games, turning the tables on an opposing team.

The mission pack for the day is under construction at the moment, and can be seen here: Mission Pack

I'm also writing bespoke rules for the covert ops games, which are approaching first draft stage, and can be viewed here: First Draft Rules (WIP)

There will be a raffle running during the day and we've already got a good stack of pledged prizes for participants, though any more donations will be welcome. There will also be a prize (painted by yours truly) for the person who brings in the most sponsorship for the day.

There is a forum set up for those who are interested in attending the event (, where you can sign up and discuss your army lists, tactics etc with other members of your team (so when you sign up, please let me know what armies you have available to use on the day). There will also be a community section where you can chat and post more generic non-event specific stuff. We already have 10 members signed up to the forum so please get yourself registered as soon as you can! I'm not going to limit membership of the forum to the twenty players who will take part on the day, but forum members will get advanced notice when tickets go on sale.

The forum is also the place where I'm running detailed polls on the various arrangements during the day, such as lunchtime arrangements, game sizes, army selection rules etc.

Any questions, either post a comment below or shoot me an email at the blog address. I can also be found on google+.

Till next time,