Monday, 22 February 2016

Hobby update - bikes, Dusk Knights and terrain

Greetings all, and welcome once again to my weekly hobby updates.

Last week I noted that I was going to redevelop my space marine collection *again*. I set out my plans for the new collection here and dealt with their fluff here, That meant of course that I needed to develop another colour scheme, one of my favourite parts of the hobby! Whilst I've not bought any models for the new list yet, I've put the first colours down on a test model, one of the sculpts I really liked when it was released (I think as a freebie when you ordered stuff?).

Now it's really rough at present, as my collection of blue paints is a little limited in the tones I'm looking for, so the highlights probably fall in the 'extreme' category where the final models I'm going to be blending a bit more. I've also attempted my first marble effect on the base using a cut down version of GW's tutorial they did before Christmas.

Given that my Iron Fists are a viable tabletop army already and will be even more so with a couple of additions, I'm going to be taking my time with these guys and putting lots of effort in, they'll be blended to the best of my ability and weathered afterwards, plus I'll be looking to figure out a way of consistently basing them to look like they're fighting over a shattered urban landscape (and yes, that means painting all my bases properly before the models get attached to them - NafNaf will be proud of me I'm sure!).

Nevertheless, this is going to be the basis for the collection, so please let me know what you think - comments, and constructive criticism on improvements are of course most welcome.

In the meantime, those Iron Fists need a little more work to be that viable tabletop list, and the first of those being the scout bikes.

This fella is what I went into when I got fed up of batch painting stuff - he's the first rider that is basically done, though I still need to work on the arms.

The three new scout biker models in my collection (the other four are the older models).

Here's the whole squad in the current state of completion prior to the finished rider. As you can see, my stated desire to get them done this week was way too ambitious, but now I'm selling most of my unpainted marine stuff there's not much else to work on

 Here's the four older riders with the eyes finished. I think they could take a while!

This weekend therefore I've been working on my terrain, and have managed to get a load of pieces into a format where I've imported them into my battle chronicler software, so they'll be appearing in my battle reports in the future. Here are the three pieces I've completed this weekend.

And finally, last night I spent an hour taking pics of both the terrain and the models I'm going to be putting on ebay (I was going to put them up this weekend but ran out of time).

So, if you'd like to buy any of the units in the following pics, let me know, and make me an offer!