Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Hobby update & terrain Tuesday!

Greetings all, welcome to the latest installment of my hobby progress pics - this time as I failed to post anything yesterday, I've decided to roll it in together with an update on my modular terrain table.

First off, I've been neglecting the Iron Fists recently due to the pressing need to get my Tau painted for my clubs Tale of Four Gamers series. Given that I'd pledged to average 300pts per month in my hobby resolutions this year that means I'm pretty far behind already!

The first unit up on the table for work therefore is my bikes - these really form the basis of most of my lists at the moment so getting them done is priority number 1. 

This is what they looked like last week when I took them out of the box they've been hiding in since about September. Yes, there's a lot of work already been done on them, but there's still plenty to go, and as I'm sure most of us know, bikes take forever for some reason. The main picture at the top of the post is of them as of now, with only a few minor details still to do like skulls, chapter badges etc.

Not massively exciting, but that's almost the sum total of my painting progress in the last week I'm afraid. The other part that I managed to complete is these guys:
Now, technically they still need a few gizmos adding, as they currently don't show any equipment such as target locks etc, but they'll need magnetising on and aren't being used yet anyway, so that can be done later.

Most of my efforts though have been going into my terrain, and whilst again pictures are hugely exciting, I'm really getting quite excited because the project is definitely approaching the initial phase 1 completion (phase 2 is to add more tiles to be able to have a variety of board setups, but getting the minimum 24 tiles done is phase 1)


These were the 4 tiles that were just on bare plywood as of last week, as you can see I've now got the frames done for them (helps to keep the tile flat and stop it warping, plus gives me a uniform depth around the edge so the tiles won't look odd when placed next to each other). This is an annoying slow part of the process that really messes with my back since it involves cutting mitres on each 300mm piece of quadrant, and the only workbench I've got is too low to be comfortable. Still, they're done now and last night I got to move on to the next stage.

No, I haven't gone all 'bake off' mad and iced them - I've basically stuck on polystyrene to give the tiles some lightweight fill, then applied filler to them to give them more of an undulating texture, and a hard surface ready for the next step.

Next up for the tiles is to glue sand on as a top surface, then seal it with some undercoat, before applying a black wash and painting them. I've also got another half dozen tiles ready, meaning I'll be just 1 (or possibly 2?) short when I'm done with those. The end is not far off, and rest assured when they're done there'll be plenty of pics on the blog, including with some completed army units to really show them off. I then plan on converting them to scenery pieces within the battle chronicler software I use to do my battle report maps, so rather than the generic scenery they will actually be done using the real terrain used in the games.

Exciting times!

Till next time,