Tuesday, 9 February 2016

January Review of resolutions

Hi all - I'm afraid there's nothing to report today in relation to my terrain projects (well, I've made some progress but not enough to justify a blog post). Consequently I thought I'd look back at January from a hobby perspective and update on the resolutions I made for the new year.

First things first, January was really a bumper month for my blog, with several highlights.

First off, it was my biggest month ever in terms of views, with 8,331 over the month, which blew my previous best of 6,686 out of the water. It was also my second most prolific month ever, with 20 posts, only beaten by the 23 I posted last October. I also picked up several new followers in the month and reached my 300th post.

All this is only filling me with enthusiasm for the hobby and the blog, and encouraging me to write yet more drivel for you all!

Looking back at my resolutions post I made 13 resolutions for the year, some of which were specific tasks to achieve, others were ongoing projects.

In January therefore I achieved the following:

  • Replace my brushes
  • Complete the draft paint scheme for my fourth army - the Bromheads
  • Average 5000 views on the blog per month.
The first two on that list are task resolutions, so they're done and dusted and I won't need to come back to them - the third is obviously an ongoing aim but I comfortably beat my target, which should help me if I have any quiet months!

So my remaining resolutions are as follows, comments are in orange

  • Get 500pts of The Bromheads painted - I'll need to buy some models for them first!
  • Place in the top half of two tournaments with different armies - I've signed up to the first of these in May, now we (it's a doubles tournament) need to perform!
  • Organise and run Hero for a Day - Ongoing, with the new forum now live
  • Average 300pts painted of my Iron Fists per month - nope, but February is looking like making up for that and then some
  • Paint 500pts of Dark Eldar - not yet, trying to figure out what to paint first!
  • Complete the painting of all my Tau models - I've got a stack of drones to do.
  • Play a 5000pt game - nope, finding an opponent with a big enough army may be a challenge!
  • 60% win rates for Iron Fists and Tau, and 55% for Dark Eldar - Tau are the only army I've used this year, and they're on 40% - much improvement required!
  • Beat Ryan more than I lose to him - only played a single 1v1 game, which I lost narrowly
  • Average 1 unit review per week - very behind, we're into week six and I've only done 1. Still, once I get into the swing of doing them they should flow quite quickly.
Not the greatest performance therefore with ten resolutions either not completed or not reached my target for the month and there's plenty of room for improvement, but I should definitely be able to pick things up in February, I've got some time to get some reviews done this week, and I'm almost caught up on Iron Fists painting already, with plenty of scope to get some big point units done quite quickly.

Onwards and Upwards!

Till next time,