Tuesday, 1 March 2016

February review

Wow, where did February go?

Guess I'd better get on with reviewing the month then!

Ok so let's look at my 2016 resolutions first. I kind of have a feeling this is going to be all thrown around by the drastic revamp I'm undergoing, but let's have a look and see shall we?

  • Paint 500pts of The Bromheads. Nope, but this is shelved until the autumn anyway.
  • Place in the top half of two tournaments. Haven't participated in any.
  • Organise Hero for a Day. Not till August.
  • Paint 300pts per month of Iron Fists. Yes! Actually I finished 616pts of these guys this month, but given the revamp I'm probably going to have to twist this resolution a little to solely relate to space marines, rather than the Iron Fists in particular, since I've got limited plans to expand them much now, and I'm selling off a lot of the existing models.
  • Paint 500pts of Dark Eldar. Nope
  • Complete all my Tau. Nope, still got drones waiting to be finished.
  • Play a 5000pt game. Nope, and will now depend on me completing quite a lot of marines this year.
  • Win rates. I've only used the Tau this month, and won the only 1v1 game I had. I also won a carnage game in our tale recently, but lost the other two multiplayer games I've had. As I only record win rates for 1v1 games though, the Tau are now up to 50% overall and 100% for the month!
  • Beat Ryan more than I lose to him. Haven't played him in a 1v1.
  • Average 5000 views in a month. Yes
  • Average 1 unit review per week. Way behind now, need to catch up seriously!
So, not a great month for resolutions and the space marine shake up will certainly affect things, in particular the painting progress and the massive game, but we'll see how things go.

This month I managed 14 posts, so almost one every other day, which while not quite at the heights of January is still pretty good for me. I managed to sneak over 5000 views as well despite this, so I'm pretty pleased with how the blog is coming along.


Ok so other bloggers out there might very well know about this, others perhaps less so, but this is all about the advert on my blog on the right hand side just below the hero for a day page link. I made the decision to add the advert to my blog a while back, in the hopes that it would support my hobby a bit. It's proved a little slower to build than I'd hoped, but this month will see me cross the £10 threshold of earnings that google sets before they'll actually confirm with me how I want to be paid. The threshold for actually getting paid however is a long way off at £60, but this still represents a bit of a milestone for me.

Basically, it works on the principle that every time one of you good people clicks on the advert, I get paid a few pence by the person doing the advertising. Google of course hold on to this revenue as long as they can to benefit from the interest on it, but once I hit that £60 threshold then I'll get paid. I'm not sure yet what I'll do when that happens, as on current speeds it'll probably be in about 4 years time!

Hobby stuff
Well, this month saw me decide to rationalise in the extreme my collection of space marines, with a view to starting a new collection afresh on the 32mm bases with all new models (except my thunderfire cannon). This is a pretty drastic event for me as I only began work on the Iron Fists in autumn 2013. What I've found recently however is that a lot of the stuff I'd got built for them wasn't getting used very often, as much of it was still converted from older armies and not developed well for 6th and 7th editions. Hopefully what I'll end up with is my existing Iron Fists being a very competitive and flexible 7th edition army, with the Dusk Knights being a much more confrontational and close ranged style force. I did occupy my brain a little last week by plotting out a further three armies for space marines in that vein, and perhaps some of them will actually see the light of day next year. I've always been keen on having a combat army so they're high on my list of priorities, as is a more heavily armoured list.

I'm well on the way towards getting a foothold into the Dusk Knights list, though the need for an actual Knight to accompany them is hovering there as a massive outlay I need to make at some point.

An apology
Finally then, I must apologise to anyone who's commented on my last couple of articles - I'm not sure how but Google seems to have lost those comments. Rest assured, I did read them all and I haven't deleted them myself, hopefully it's just a glitch and won't happen again!

Till next time,