Monday, 7 March 2016

Hobby update - Death from above

Greetings all, and welcome once more to my Monday dose of hobby goodness for you all! This week I've got more progress on bikes, techmarine and some new bits to show you!

Starting roughly somewhere near the end of the hobby week, I popped into my local stockist to collect my recent order - with the above kits forming most of it (still waiting for Pedro Kantor).

I've been very restrained so far (physically, by my wife who wouldn't let me open everything!) and I've only started work on the drop pods. I've had the land speeder kits out of the box but I've not even looked at the tactical squads yet. That's roughly the order I'll be working on the kits as well, since I want to get the pods out of the way before I get engrossed in building little men and don't bother with them.

If I take you back to the beginning of the hobby week instead then, after my last update I've got some more work done on the Dusk Knights techmarine I've been working on.

He's obviously still a long way from completion, and needs to get himself onto a bigger base to match the new models, but I'm happy with progress so far. One thing I do want to have a look at doing is getting some variety into the various cables that are hanging around on the model. The connectors have all been done in the brassy tones most of the metallics in this army will use, but I want to try my hand at a few hazard stripes on some of them. The harness needs a lot of brass colour adding to it as well, so far it's had leadbelcher and an agrax wash with some basic highlights but I don't want silver to be the main tone so I'll be detailing that up this week. I'm also keen to get much more weathering into the plasma cutter and flamer so they look used.

In terms of basing I'm going to go with city rubble I think, and thanks to a few pointers from Dave over at 40k addict I'm going to be using some foamboard offcuts to make most of the basing materials for the army.

Erm, so where are those offcuts coming from, I hear you ask? Well, you see I'm very clever and I've managed to segue into the next part of the update brilliantly! Because Dave also has templates for 40k buildings, and is currently running a competition to win a knight or equivalent based on use of his free templates. I've already put in one entry, but I really liked his scenery templates, so I've decided to have a go at using them to make a building of my own (the templates each make specific buildings, but there's no reason they can't be adapted to build any size and shape of building you like).

I fancied the idea of making a big centrepiece for games at my club and to fit with my modular terrain, so on Friday night I embarked on the massive cutting operation that will be my 40k Adepta Sororitas convent!
Sound a lot grander than it currently looks doesn't it!

The intention is that the piece will be essentially a courtyard, with a statue in the centre and towers at each corner. The above piece is the outer wall, and there's going to be a more open inner wall based off another of Dave's templates. The building as with much 40k stuff is going to be battle damaged, so I'll be using the blast templates from the game to mark out rough areas to be removed, then scuffing up the edges etc. In all honesty I'm not expecting this to be finished by the deadline for the competition, but I'll enter what I've got at that point (I only just got hold of the foamboard).

This will then be mounted on a larger version of my modular terrain setup so it will fit in with the rest of my scenery (all the modular pieces so far are 300mm square, but I figured there's no reason why I couldn't put some 600x300 pieces in there, or even as in this case a 600x600 piece.

Next up then (sorry, no classy segue this time) I got to work on finishing some of my remaining bikes, and got this scout biker almost finished.
I've got his chapter badge to do, along with the grill over the light on the front of the bike, and then he's done.

Finally then, on Saturday night I was sat with this box of stuff on my knee

Two drop pods in a complete state of newey newness, and given how many horror stories you hear about the kit I was pleased that by the end of the evening I was left with this:
Now it's true, they haven't got the harnesses etc inside assembled, but I'm pretty pleased that it only took a minimal amount of slicing for the doors to fit properly (those of you who've not assembled a drop pod before be warned - if you assemble it without making those little cuts at the bottom of the doors then they won't shut properly. How the mold got made like that is beyond me!

Next time I'll be doing a little review of the new tactical supremacy cards, so look out for that one!

Till then,