Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Terrain Tuesday - the convent starts to take shape

Greetings all,
well terrain Tuesday is upon us again, and whilst I've not got a huge amount of visuals to show you all, I am making some progress.

First up though, my current terrain motivation is coming from Dave Weston's adsense competition running over at 40k addict (http://www.40kaddict.uk/2016/03/google-adsense-update-adsense.html). Bless him, I've been bombarding him with comments and updates recently, but I figured now was a good time to do a more general update on my blog.

First up then, some background. Those of my regular followers will know that ages ago I had this idea about building a modular terrain table. This would be made up of 24 individual tiles each 12" square (well, 300mm, but what's that between friends eh?). These could then all be moved around to create a truly interchangeable terrain set up, meaning that whilst all my games would be on the same style table, the actual layout could change from game to game. I'm getting to the point now where that table is viable to be used in my games, and Dave's competition was the ideal opportunity to take it to the next step.

What I'm doing therefore is creating a centrepiece building that will be based on a much larger tile, 600mm square so taking the place of 4 of my original tiles. It should still be fairly easy to transport to and from games, and allows me to do something much more grand than the smaller tiles can accommodate. What better then than to use Dave's templates as a basis for a much larger building, so armed with many paper printouts and a lot of foamboard I rescued from being binned, I've set about ruining my fingers by creating a convent courtyard. The idea is it'll be 4 walls surrounding a focal statue or monument in the centre, with the outer and inner walls created by extending the templates out over a much longer piece of board than Dave had originally envisaged. These walls will then each have a tower at the corners and I'll build a grand entrance into one of them, before adding battle damage to the whole thing. This piece probably won't be ready and complete to enter into the competition, but I'm gonna submit whatever I've got at that point because there's really no reason not to!

By now I'm sure you're all eager to see how far I've got, and at the moment I'll admit it's a little underwhelming, but then in my defence I've only spent two evenings going at it, the first of which I didn't really know what I was doing. I got much further last night in much less time.

So this represents the first of the walls. I think I'm actually going to widen the walkway around the top as it's currently very narrow, and models such as centurions will hang out over the edge. Once I've figured out the width then I'm going to decide on which tower to use, and how to deal with the walkway around it, but I hope you'll agree that progress so far is promising. I haven't yet added any detail to the upper element of the walls, which will get some love soon (I'm thing stenciling it on first, then applying battle damage then adding the raised details and trimming them to fit the damage, I think that will work better than trying to battle damage the walls once I've got card glued on.

Till next time,