Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Obsidian Enclave vs the Iron Warriors - Burning Eye Battle Report 4

 Hi all, battle report 4 of this year - once again it's the Iron Warriors, though this time it's a test game for the next level of games in the tale of 4 gamers. Consequently, we were both sporting 1250pt lists. This is only a list test at this point, as we've decided that the 1250pt round of games in the tale will be played as doubles games, so it'll be interesting to see how the Obsidian Enclave meshes with the other armies - they are of course built as a stand alone army so should be pretty effective.

 We do love a maelstrom game don't we! This time we're playing contact lost, which if I remember rightly is the one that grants you a card for each objective you're holding.

With regard to warlord traits, I picked up predator of the skies again, whilst my opponent got master of fate. That meant my warlord and his unit could get skyfire for a turn, whilst my opponent could re-roll the D3 for any such objectives he scored.

As for army lists, I went with the Hunter Contingent again, but this time because of the higher points I took a Hunter Cadre and an Optimised Stealth Cadre.

Shas'O Rassai - Iridium suit, Puretide engram neurochip, neuroweb system jammer, fusion blaster, plasma rifle, drone controller and shield generator.

2 Crisis Suits with plasma rifle and fusion blaster
1 Crisis Suit with plasma rifle and fusion blaster

1 Piranha with fusion blaster and 2 seeker missiles
1 Piranha with fusion blaster and 2 seeker missiles
4 Marker Drones

Hammerhead gunship with Ion Cannon, Smart Missile System and Blacksun Filter

Breacher Team - 6 men in Devilfish with Smart Missile System and Blacksun Filter
Strike Team - 5 men with Pulse Rifles, Smart Missile System DS8 support turret
Strike Team - 5 men with Pulse Rifles

Ghostkeel with Cyclic Ion Raker, twin-linked Fusion Blasters and an Early Warning Override
2 stealth teams, each 3-strong with a fusion blaster with target lock

Sadly I can't remember exactly what my opponent's list was, though I do recall it was Nurgle based and there was the obligatory heldrake.

Iron Warriors: Secure objective 1
The Defiler (ah yes, deffy was there) opened fire on the Ghostkeel, wounding it once, whilst the Rhino on my left flank killed a stealth suit. Mj discarded objective 1.

Obsidian Enclave: Secure objective 1
One of the Piranhas destroyed the rhino on my left flank, wounding 3 of the marines inside from the explosion. All 3 wounds were saved however, 2 of them by feel no pain. The Ghostkeel wounded the spawn squad in the centre of the table twice, the Hammerhead killed a plague marine  whilst the stealth suits on my right glanced the nearest Rhino once. I scored first blood and objective 1

Turn Score: 2-0 to the Obsidian Enclave

Iron Warriors turn 2: Objective 2, Domination, Behind Enemy Lines
The marines and rhino on my right flank combined to kill a stealth suit, whilst the marine squad in the centre blew the fusion blaster off one of the Piranhas. The plague marines glanced the second Piranha, and the Warlord killed 2 fire warriors with the burning brand. The Heldrake arrived and killed the drone squad, whilst the defiler wounded the Ghostkeel for a second time, despite its 2+ cover save. Both the spawn and the Warlord attempted charges in this turn and both failed. Mj scored objective 2

Obsidian Enclave turn 2: Objective 5, Feigned Withdrawal
The Breacher's Devilfish opened fire on the Rhino, glancing it, whilst the breachers dismounted and killed 4 marines, who went to ground. The single crisis suit missed, while the hammerhead opened fire killing 4 marines. The Piranha opened fire on the warlord, killing him. I scored Slay the Warlord and both my tactical objectives.

Turn score 5-1 to the Obsidian Enclave

Iron Warriors turn 3: Kingslayer, Objective 3, Objective 4, Behind Enemy Lines
The Rhino killed a fusion blaster stealth suit, and the plague marines killed a pair of fire warriors. The Heldrake moved up and roasted 3 more fire warriors. The Defiler charged and killed the crisis suit whilst the plague marines declared a charge, losing two of their number to overwatch fire, forcing them to fail their charge.

Obsidian Enclave turn 3: Hold the line
The Hammerhead opened fire on the Heldrake, glancing it, and the Piranha killed a plague marine. The Crisis suits and the Ghostkeel combined their fire to put down the defiler.

Turn score: 5-4 to the Obsidian Enclave

Iron Warriors turn 4: Supremacy, Objective 5, Kingslayer
The last of the stealth suits went down, and the Rhino killed a breacher. The Heldrake toasted the last of the fire warriors, while the crisis suit killed a marine with overwatch fire. Mj scored supremacy for 2 points and objective 5.

Obsidian Enclave turn 4: Patient Hunter
The Ghostkeel, Hammerhead and Piranha all combined their fire to target the Heldrake, putting it down for good. I scored my objective.

Turn score: 7-6 to the Iron Warriors

Iron Warriors turn 5: Kingslayer, Objective 6, Overwhelming firepower
Little happened really, as the spawn were locked in combat with the Tau Commander with neither side really making much headway. Besides that there was little else on the table from the Chaos side. Mj failed to score this turn.

Obsidian Enclave turn 5: Ambush
The Devilfish finally put down the ridiculously durable rhino on my right flank, whilst the combat with the spawn failed to be decisive once more. I scored ambush

Turn score: 7-7

Iron Warriors turn 6: Mj didn't hold any objectives so couldn't draw any cards.
Nothing happened, with the spawn combat still deadlocked.

Obsidian Enclave turn 6: Objective 5, objective 1
With no shooting to undertake, and the combat still tied up the game ended, and I had scored objective 5 to take the win 8-7.

Wow, another unbelievably close game, with the frustrations that my right flank consistently failed to even glance the rhino probably feeling like the defining part of the game. In honesty after the first couple of turns, I was comfortably on top but a combination of objective secured units and some good play allowing him to hold and therefore draw objective cards, whilst I was pretty limited in terms of the cards I could draw.

This game reaffirmed that my list was pretty reasonable, as once again I got close as a gnat's whisker to tabling my opponent. A couple of mistakes I did make however were not really focusing down on the spawn - I'd never really had trouble dealing with them before but it's amazing what they can do and how fast they are across the table. I really should have dedicated more fire to them earlier in the game, but I thought I'd got more time than I had.


We also played a carnage game to signify the end of the tale round, and whilst I didn't take extensive notes of the game, I did pick up four points for the win. I didn't have much left by the end of the game, but in true carnage style none of us did - I think towards the end the other players realised I was well ahead and were trying to stop me scoring any more points.

So where does that leave us in the tale?

Ryan in first place on 67 points
Martin in second on 56 points
Me in third on 51 points
Mj in fourth on 38 points

Not hugely surprising that Ryan is out in front, last weekend he went 5 wins out of 5 at a warhammer world event, and he's only lost one game so far in the tale (ironically to Mj, who's barely won a game thanks to the outdated and overcosted Chaos codex).

I've taken a while to get used to the different playing style of the Tau to what I'm used to, but hopefully things will pick up now and I'll start getting some more wins under my belt in the next rounds. It's a slog to catch back up to Ryan, but I'll definitely give it my best shot!

Till next time.