Friday, 4 March 2016

Weekly round up, and funny friday!

Hey everyone!
So quite a bit's happened this week and I'm excited for the next couple of weeks in hobby land!

Hero for a Day
I've not had much time to devote to this recently, however a package did arrive this week that relates to Hero for a Day - my club has recently ordered some personalised hoodies, and some of the members have contributed towards an extra one to give away as a raffle prize on the day!

It's a large so should fit most people, but I'm sure if it's not right for you there'll be plenty of people there who would be willing to swap a prize with you!

I've still not heard back from the Parish about hall hire charges either, which is another reason why I've not done another update on things yet.

We do now have 12 members registered on the forum for the event though and I know there's a few other people interested in coming along, so if you want to partake then get yourself signed up - I'm taking names for volunteers to be team captains too

Tale of 4 gamers
The next round of games in this is about to begin, as Martin and I team up to take on Ryan and Mj next week. It'll be 1250pts per player this time round, and we're thinking of using the new supremacy cards to shake things up a little bit too.

New toys!
I love the excitement of knowing you have new stuff coming soon! Thanks to my selling a few bits on ebay and at club, I've got two new landspeeders (one a landspeeder storm) coming for the Iron Fists, and a pair of tactical squads in drop pods plus Pedro Kantor for the new Dusk Knights. You've seen hopefully my hobby progress on the Techmarine for that army, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the new tactical squad (it's literally about ten years since I last bought a tactical squad!) and getting some models put together. I think I'm going to go for the fairly ornate look on them - the Iron Fists are comparatively plain so it'll be nice to have a really detailed force that I can spend time getting to look sweet!

White Scars rock!
I had my first game with my revised bike list last night, using the Scarblade detachment against a Blood Angels list. Now I know Blood Angels aren't the strongest list out there right now, but boy did the boys in blue do me proud! I'll be writing a battle report up for it so won't spoil the details, but I'll tell you now, it was bloody!