Friday, 1 April 2016

2 Adsense competition entries

Greetings all, today is just a quick post containing my entries for Dave Weston's Adsense competition over at 40k addict.

The first I made a while back using the free markers from his site, a picture I like to call 'where's Weston?'

The second has been a bit more of a project, though I'll admit, it's not finished!

The brief was to submit pictures of free things available from the 40k addict blog, and I decided to have a go at building some of Dave scenery. Not one to do things be half however, I decided that rather than just slavishly build one of the buildings from the templates, I would try to show just what could be achieved by using the templates as a base to create much more ambitious buildings and scenery projects, and that whilst the templates as they are give you plenty of scope for awesome buildings, a bit of imagination takes you so much further.

Ok, so that's the philosophical crap out of the way, what did I actually build?

Well, this is about 25% of the finished article...

And here it is with some models on for a sense of perspective...

And now a plug for my own project - this piece will be making an appearance as a table centrepiece at hero for a day - it's designed as a convent type building and may very well have some battle sisters playing over it at some point on the day!

Over to you Dave!
Till next time, TBE

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