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Angels of Death supplement thoughts and hobby update

Morning all, well there was plenty spilt this weekend wasn't there!

As ever, whilst this is not a blog based round rumours, we know from GW that there's a new supplement coming for the space marines and there's plenty of information out there if you want to find it. Thankfully for you good people, I've been doing a reasonable amount of analysis of what we've seen so you don't have to!

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Ok, so let's dig into this shall we? I'm going to basically run through stuff that I've found on this supplement over the weekend, starting with what GW themselves let on with their release video!

So, there are nine loyalist marine chapters from the first founding.
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Space Wolves
Raven Guard
White Scars
Iron Hands
Imperial Fists

The first four in the list have their own codex (since codex marines is effectively also codex ultramarines)

that leaves 5 chapters for which gaming rules and differences are less widespread. Raven Guard and White Scars got a lot of love recently in the Kauyon campaign book that was released with the new Tau stuff. and I'm fully expecting that their info in this supplement will simply be a copy/paste from that book (and I have no problem with this, the campaign book has a lot more than just the rules in it, I'm currently really enjoying reading the fluff part).

Which leaves 3 remaining chapters. Of those three, two have previously seen some attention via supplements, and I think these supplements will for the basis of the updates for these chapters. In particular I know those supplements included relics. Salamanders have had no attention for a very long time to my knowledge, though it's arguable that they are a very strong faction despite this, with the combination of their chapter tactics and the benefits provided by Vulkan making them extremely hard hitting.

So, the release video states that each of these five chapter will get a chapter specific detachment (in addition to the general detachment called the Anvil Strike Force, which I'll come onto in a bit). Now obviously the Talon Strike Force and the Scarblade Strike Force are the Raven Guard and White Scars detachments from Kauyon.

We've seen an image from GW released as part of their promo for the book detailing the Salamanders 'Flameblade Strike Force', image below if you've not seen it yet.
Now this shows up a few things I've not seen before, and some we have. The core forces are the standard battle demi company and the stormlance demi company that was detailed in Kauyon, ostensibly a white scars formation at that time. I like that we'll see crossovers here though, using established forces to give flavour to other chapters. All of the auxiliary forces shown here seem to be pre-established too, with the exception of one. It's difficult to make out, but as far as I can interpret, it's called 'Flamebringers'. Very Salamanders that name, though no illustration of what it might constitute. I'd hazard a guess though that it may be something specialist along the lines of a devastator squad but with heavy flamers etc.

Iron Hands
This one is also new, though I honestly can't remember where I came across the source image.
Obviously we have much more clarity this time. The core forces are the battle demi-company and the armoured task force, so already we're seeing a much heavier influence on armour (interesting differences with the anvil strike force too, which again I'll detail later).

Here we also see  that the Iron Hands have access to the skyhammer annihilation force, which came out as part of the model bundle a while back. It also appears to be detailed within the book, which is good, instead of relying on you having bought the bundle, since it's no longer available. We also see a couple of interesting 'non' formations, in honoured ancients and iron guardians. These don't have page references so aren't a datasheet formation (and therefore probably don't have any special benefits) but do at least allow you to include these elements without having to squeeze them into a demi-company somewhere!

Imperial Fists
Ok, so sadly I don't have a picture reference for this, but I've certainly heard reference to a 'Sternhammer Strike Force', which would seem to point towards a veteran heavy detachment, and boy would I love it if that meant using the veteran task force from the codex as a core choice. What we do have in the video release for the book however is this, the 'Strike Force Lysander'
Obviously there's no detailing of what's included here, but the models shown are:
Two vindicators
Two Thunder hammer/Storm shield terminator assault squads
Two Centurion Assault squads
Two Ironclad dreadnoughts
One Thunderfire Cannon.

Now the gamer in me says that's a really weird combination of squads - the majority of them are really close range siege type units, fair enough, but the thunderfire cannon does not fit that mould at all, it wants very much to be sitting back and shooting from range.

We do know however that when forces are grouped together for a battle, they are often titled after their leader and I think GW are bowling us a googly here (throwing a curve ball if you prefer your references to baseball). I think this is a specific group of miniatures for a photo rather than the Imperial Fists detachment, which seems to fit much better with the sternhammer idea mentioned above.

Added to the Imperial Fists stuff, we also seem to be getting specific chapter traits for Black Templars and Crimson Fists. now the Black Templars I can understand here, as their style is very different to most other chapters, but I can't really understand why we need specific Crimson Fists traits (I'm not complaining, I just don't get it, and I hope they're not diluted because of that).

The Anvil Strike Force

Now the image above appeared in the release video, though spikey bits has got hold of the full layout of this detachment, which essentially operates as an alternative to the gladius strike force from the space marine codex.

This sets out an armoured detachment for the space marines, along the lines of something we'd perhaps expect more from the Astra Militarum.

Core formations are the armoured task force and the land raider spearhead from the main codex, so immediately we can see the difference between this and the Iron Hands detachment, as there is no option here for infantry to form the core of the strike force!

Auxiliary formations are solely the 100% vehicle formations from the main codex, plus the raptor wing, and 4 new ones (again they appear not to have datasheets so won't come with benefits). Honoured ancients we saw in the Iron Hands list, and is just a unit of dreadnoughts. A techmarine or Thunderfire Cannon can be taken too, without needing to form part of a formation, and the Recon Outriders formation consists of a unit of landspeeders.

Finally, we have the mechanised infantry formation, which is essentially a single infantry unit. The detachment restrictions require any units of infantry to have a transport vehicle (which interestingly means if you want centurions then you'll have to take land raiders since there is no option to take empty drop pods in the detachment organisation.

Inevitably as you don't have to include infantry in the detachment, it allows you to choose a tank as a warlord, though limits you in that case to a single trait, which allows a vehicle within 24" to fire a second time. Interestingly, the second command benefit is that vehicles in this detachment will never be forced to snap shoot or not move as a result of damage results 1-4 on the damage chart!

The release video also talks about 4 new unit datasheets (we know definitely the cataphractii terminator squad and the contemptor dread are two of them, my bet is the third is the salamanders entry I mentioned earlier, so I eagerly await the fourth).

It also talks about 14 new formations, now I'm assuming these will not all be entirely new, we know it includes the skyhammer annihilation force, there were 4 white scars formations in kauyon, and 7 raven guard ones, which brings us up to 12. So we're 2 short, which suggests there's still more we've not seen or heard.

Psychic Powers
They've been pretty up front that there are four new, full psychic disciplines coming, and plenty of people have now noticed that there seems to be a deathwatch faction included in the psychic power reference card, suggesting there may be more to come than just the overkill box.

What we know now is that the four disciplines relate to
The Librarius Discipline, allowing the channeling of fury into devastating psychic assaults;
The Technomancy Discipline, allowing the manipulation of weapons, machines and machine spirits;
The Fulmination Discipline, allowing control over electricity and magnetic forces;
The Geokinesis Discipline, allowing control and manipulation of the battlefield and battlefield terrain.
Beyond this, we've seen a couple of the powers but will really have to wait for more details. I'm looking forward to seeing what combinations can be put together though, as I've got a psychic chapter on the planning table!

Hobby update

Wow, that was longer than I thought it would be - guess I should update you all on hobby progress too eh?

Slow would be how I'd describe things really. The drop pod is still progressing.

I've got some touching up to do as I did a couple of hours on Saturday night after quite a lot of wine, and whilst I got a lot done, it wasn't as neat as it should have been.

And then today I got some paint down on the next Iron Fists vehicle off the assembly line.
Base colours only so far, but it's already going much faster than the drop pod!

And in assembly terms, I've begun work on the second tactical squad for the Dusk Knights!
I liked the older helmet design with this guy, despite the grav gun being the newest gun tech. He's standing on a Dark Angels banner in case you're wondering, I had a couple of the DV sprues lying around from a while back when I nabbed the robed bike rider bits.

Next up for this squad is the grav gunner and a combi grav for the sergeant, then 7 more bolter dudes.

Iron Fists are also getting a few construction updates, with grav guns going into a squad for a tournament in May.

Till next time!

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