Monday, 25 April 2016

Hobby update 25-4-16 - drop pod showcase

Hello all!

Well you've been putting up with my seemingly glacial progress on the drop pod for the last few weeks, I can finally give you the good news that it's finished! Well, it still needs to be weathered but I don't have the paints available for that at the moment.

On the basis that I've spent so flippin' long on it, I thought I'd justify the effort by doing a detailed showcase of the scheme. There's also a video at the end, which hopefully captures a few things the pictures might not.

So the basic scheme is fairly simple in concept, it's mainly Kantor Blue and Rakarth Flesh. I didn't want a basic all-over blue so I decided to put in some lighter panels to bring the contrast out in the scheme. The metallic areas are a combination of leadbelcher and brass scorpion. These are all the base colours, some are drybrush highlighted, others have edge highlighting.

I really went to town on the doors, the edges are hazard striped using base layers of averland sunset and abaddon black, which is then washed with agrax earthshade. The edges of the stripes are then carefully line highlighted with Yriel Yellow and Stormvermin Fur. The internal metallic aspect of the door is base coated with Leadbelcher, then washed in both Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthsade. I've then stippled/drybrushed abaddon black into the recessed areas at the sides of the door, and then drybrushed the raised areas with another layer of Leadbelcher then a final layer of Ironbreaker down the centre where the constant use of the doors would ensure the metal would be worn clean.

I also made the decision to paint the inside of the pod as carefully as I'd done the outside. The detail around the opening is Brass Scorpion drybrushed over with Runelord Brass, whilst the harnesses themselves are Leadbelcher washed with Agrax Earthshade and then drybrushed back with Leadbelcher. There are brass details on the harnesses using the same mix as before, and I took the hazard striping inside the pod onto the various pipes connecting the harnesses to the main control console.

Speaking of which, the console is painted with a base coat of Warpstone Glow, and details on it are done in Warboss Green. If you want a glowing effect, which I didn't in this instance, then Moot Green gives a more vibrant finish.

The main Kantor Blue is edge highlighted twice, first a highlight that covers the whole edge in Alaitoc Blue, then junctions of edges are given a detailed highlight of Teclis Blue. These two blues aren't the brightest around, but I wanted a more subtle effect than the extreme highlighting you see, often associated with the Dark Eldar range.

I'm a little disappointed with the wash finish around the cream panels, which is why I've not shown much of it here, I'll be working on other methods before starting the second drop pod, and probably do a breakdown of them when I tackle it.

So, here's the video I promised, followed by a sneak peek of what I'm working on next.

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