Monday, 18 April 2016

Hobby update - Drop pod is nearly finished!

Hi all,
I figured today I would do something a little more detailed than usual - I was hoping to have my drop pod finished to show you but sadly RL meant I didn't have quite as much painting time this weekend as I'd anticipated.

So what I've got for you instead is a detailed look at how things have progressed so far - I'll do a formal breakdown of the steps with much more in depth photos when it's finished, but for now here's how things have gone!Warning - this post is very pic-heavy, and very word-light!

So much potential - I think this is the stage that comes second only to 'finished' in the excitement stakes.

Urgh - smoothing off mold lines!

Assembly finished!
First base layers added, looking very bare at this point

I've started to add the silver, and decided to hazard stripe the doors at this point.

dirtying up the first inset panel, this got way more attention than washes would normally!

You can also see here how rough the base coat of blue really is.

Starting to add some brass details - at this point I'm still working out the balance of colours as I go

Got the first hazard stripe in and washed

Weathered the first door on the inside. Believe it or not there are 6 different layers applied to this!

Having decided that the first door looked decent, I moved on to base coating the rest

And then began work on the harnesses.

The base with all the doors done.

And the superstructure added.

And the doors shut.

Wash now applied to the outside of the pod

and the inside is detachable.

The base outer layer is done.

And highlights are now being applied to the outside of the doors

Very nearly finished, some more work on the cream outer panels and top level highlights to do and we're there.

 And to finish - a first for me, a video on my blog! this is a 360 of the superstructure in its almost completed state.

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