Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hobby update - more Dusk Knights! and a question.

Greetings all, welcome once more to the painting desk of the Burning Eye.

The above picture was how I left you last time, with my painting mojo being sucked from me by the insatiable time thief that is the space marine drop pod.

This week I've mostly been concentrating on my daughter's birthday, so haven't managed much hobby progress. I did have a poser given to me though - I always make my daughter's birthday cakes, and this year was no exception. The problem? She wanted a ladybird party, which was fine, until about a week before when she decided it was to be a princess party instead!  Thankfully, she's only 3 so my wife managed to persuade her that actually a 'princess ladybird' party was a good idea. So, that left me with the puzzler of how to make a princess ladybird cake. I think I did ok!

What hobby progress I have made has of course, been swallowed once more by the pod. As of Monday lunchtime I'd begun progress on the harness section in the centre of the pod, having spent Sunday evening marking out the rest of the hazard stripes on the doors, and applying a second coat of blue to the exoskeleton of the pod to give it a proper depth.

Here's the harness section after half an hour's work:
There is obviously at this stage much more to do, but I'm hoping to make some progress on Monday night before I finish this update on Tuesday.

So on Monday night rather than continue work on the harness I got distracted (again) and switched back to the base, detailing the sides of the doors and washing the whole base with agrax earthshade. What this does mean is that the base panel is getting well on the way to being finished. Because of that, I concentrated my work on the base again during my painting time on Tuesday lunch, getting the highlights finished on the hazard stripes on the sides of the doors, and laying down some of the base colour for the exterior door panels.

I'm really hoping that once I get the first pod out of the way, the next four will be finished much quicker now that I have a method and have figured out which colours I want where.

Thanks to Luke Fogg for the tip on the hazard stripes, up close I think it really makes a difference. As you can see from this photo, I just need to dirty up the rest of the inside to have the interior of the base finished (bar scratches).

I dry fitted the top of the pod to the base to see what it looks like, I think it's coming on nicely and at this point it's probably 'usable' though still fairly shameful on the tabletop.

The final colour scheme for the outside, I think breaking up the large areas of blue has worked really well, and almost has a hatched look about it, without having to actually paint little squares over everything. The symbols on the outside will be a combination of brass and silver, as will the engine.

Lots more detailing still to do but these pics make me feel like I'm actually progressing well!

I think I'm going to try and concentrate on getting the base piece finished inside and out this week, before moving on to the harness and exoskeleton next week.

Till next time, keep those brushes working!

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