Tuesday, 31 May 2016

3500pt Dark Eldar army for sale.

Greetings Friends, Romans, Countrymen.

Lend me your wallets!

Ok, by that what I mean is that this weekend I came to the sad decision that I will be selling my Dark Eldar army, after whom this blog is named. Now that doesn't mean I'll be stopping the blog, far from it, but I want to invest heavily into my space marine collection as my first love, and to do that I not only need to clear some shelf space but I also need to generate some income.

My Dark Eldar collection stands at around 3500pts in total, once you add in wargear, and about 3300 without. Approximately 2200pts of the army is fully painted, I like to think to an exceedingly good standard (my 1850pt list came 4th in the best painted army competition at BlogWars 9). I will be including the current codex and coven supplement (both hardback) in the sale, along with spare bits, and even if desired the base paints used for the Kabal portion of the scheme.

The army will be going up on ebay this weekend, (5th June) so if you'd like to get a hold of this army before that happens, drop an email to the blog address above and I'll reply to you. I'll include postage and packing of the army at my end depending on the level of any offer. The army is generally in excellent condition, with any damage being limited to the odd pointy bit or chain.

Without further ado, here are some more detailed pics of the units included.

10 mandrakes, 1 has lost its close combat weapon, which could easily be replaced with one of the wrack weapon bits included.

5 Metal Incubi (3 additional also included) and the Starsky and Hutch venom (with converted Incubi gunner)

5 Raiders, all the most fragile parts are magnetised. 4 have dark lances (also magnetised)

2 Ravagers (magnetised, with magnetised dissies included) plus two venoms and 5-man squads, each with a blaster

15 Hellions, including a helliarch with a stun claw. 

Urien Rakarth, Haemonculus and a wrack unit with venom. One wrack has an ossefactor, but the unit is a man short to be codex legal (he's now a gunner, on one of the raiders)

2 Talos, one with haywire blasters and one with splinter cannons, both Ichor Injectors. 3 Grotesques converted from Crypt Horrors and a metal Archon with blast pistol and agoniser.

5 Scourges with 4 haywire blasters, and a court of the archon including 3 Sslyth, 2 Medusae (1 converted from a lhamaean) and an ur-ghul

5 more scourges with 4 heat lances, and 6 reavers. 2 blasters and 2 cluster caltrops included. 20 Kabalite Warriors with splinter rifles

3 unpainted reavers (1 heat lance, 1 grav talon), a converted succubus with archite glaive, and 10 warriors (quite a few with splinter cannon backpacks or phantasm launchers, normal warrior arms included in the bits supplies)

Razorwing jetfighter, with dark lances, splinter cannon and monoscythe missiles (plus the two venom units already shown)
I'm looking to raise around £600 for this collection, which would cost well in excess of £700 to buy new, though I'll consider any reasonable offers and I will make a decision at the weekend.

Feel free to ask any questions if you are interested, I can take and supply photos any time.

Till next time,

Friday, 27 May 2016

Dusk Knights v Eldar - after action report

Greetings all,
last night I had my first decent sized game with my Dusk Knights (they've only played a 500pt intro before) - and they ended up facing Eldar, nothing like jumping in at the deep end eh?

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Army Building - Leveraging the benefits of faction specific detachments (often called Decurions) - Part 1

Greetings all,
welcome to another post in my Army Building series - I know I've not done many of these recently, but believe me I've been plenty busy!

This post is another in my list building section of the series and kind of follows on from the formations and detachments article I wrote a while back. What I'm going to really focus on here is the factions specific detachments, so things like the Necron Decurion, the Adeptus Astartes Gladius Strike Force etc.

First I'll be looking at the principles of making the most of these formations, then I'll take you through a couple of worked examples I did at the weekend when I had the house to myself and had time to think it through properly, rather than snatching 5 minutes to quickly scribble a list as is usually my method these days.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Hobby update - 23-5-16

Morning all,
time for another hobby update! This week I have some progress on my Dusk Knights space marines, and a quick review of a tournament I attended at the weekend (more detailed review and battle reports to follow), plus a sad goodbye to a faithful servant.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Magnetising the Imperial Knight - Sire Gabriel walks!

Greetings all - I've finally finished building my first knight, so despite there being plenty of other tutorials out there that go into detail on how to magnetise it, I figured I'd write my own.

Before I set about building this model I had a look around various other tutorials out there, particularly those at from the fang and weemen. Being a cocky little sod sometimes I looked at their efforts and figured that there must be a simpler way to do some of the magnetisation work on them - I'm happy to say that in my opinion I was right, and some of my fixes for things do seem much simpler than those. Others not so much, but I'll get to them anyway.

Just a final note - this isn't a tutorial on how to build the knight kit - it's purely going to look at how I magnetised mine.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Adeptus Astartes Chapter Championship

Greetings all,

So, following the release of the Angels of Death supplement, I and my closest gaming buddies are all focusing on a separate chapter of space marines with our collections, and we figured it might be fun to test out the rules, and each other, to see who could come up with the best combination of army composition and tactics.

The concept is simple, each player would choose a space marine chapter, and write lists for use at 1000pts, 1500pts and 2000pts. We would then each play the other three, and see who came out on top.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Hobby update 9/5/16 - the Iron Fists come roaring back into full focus

Greetings all, welcome back to my more usual hobby updates for a Monday!

last time I eschewed a typical hobby update in favour of a showcase on Pedro Kantor. Well on Thursday I had the great pleasure (?) to be working on a polling station, so for 15 hours I was stuck in a room not being able to leave with very few interruptions, so I kicked my hobby mojo into gear and started revving the engine to get some major progress achieved on my Iron Fists bikes (see what I did there? Context-sensitive descriptive passages come as standard on this blog!)

Friday, 6 May 2016

Fall of Taahuna - MAD Wargaming Campaign

Morning all - today I've got a quick update for you on my club's current map-based campaign (thanks to Mike at St Andrew's Wargaming for the rules).

From humble beginnings, I had to expand the map quite considerably to accommodate all the players who wanted to participate - as you can see we've now got 13 factions taking part.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

April Review - the Drop Pod Blues!

Greetings all, welcome to my review of April! Blimey where did that month go? I know I say this a lot, but those 30 days just disappeared in a fizz of time flashing by!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Pedro Kantor - Showcase and Review

Greetings all! First can I just point out that this is my 350th post - random milestones indeed. The main part of this post however is not to celebrate such things, but to look at my latest finished model - Pedro Kantor.