Wednesday, 4 May 2016

April Review - the Drop Pod Blues!

Greetings all, welcome to my review of April! Blimey where did that month go? I know I say this a lot, but those 30 days just disappeared in a fizz of time flashing by!

As always, I'll begin with my hobby resolutions for the year.
  • paint 500pts of The Bromheads (not until end of the year)
  • place in the top half of two tournaments (my first is scheduled for 21st May, and I'm hoping to attend Fluffageddon this year)
  • Organise Hero for a Day
  • Build/paint 300pts of marines per month. Better than last month, but still only painted 220pts. That being said, I have assembled almost two full tactical squads and most of an Imperial Knight so I'm calling this one a success.
  • Paint 500pt of Dark Eldar. No
  • Complete all my Tau. Almost there, this week should see me up to date with them.
  • Play a big game (5000pts). No
  • Win rates - Well I've mainly used Space Marines this month, but the Iron Fists and the Dusk Knights only lost a single game (one was an intro game for a new club member) and they drew another, giving me 60%. The Tau completed a routine win over the very underpowered Chaos codex in the first week.
  • I've not played Ryan in a 1v1 game this month.
  • 5000 blog views per month. Smashed this one, with the blog getting over 9,000 views last month, largely thanks to my ongoing reviews of the Angels of Death supplement.
  • 1 unit review per week. Well again I smashed the monthly figures, writing a huge 7 reviews last month (I'm counting the supplement reviews in this since they actually take more time than the unit reviews anyway).
Well, overall a better performance than last month, of the 8 resolutions I could theoretically achieve, I succeeded in 4 of them. I definitely think the switch to counting building units as well as painting them in my points totals is reasonable given the changes in my collections since January, and I'm really pleased with the progress I'm making in that regard.

Blog achievements.

Well as I noted above the blog went from strength to strength this month, thanks largely to the reviews of the Angels of Death supplement and my first forays into the world of Reddit. over 9,000 views is incredible considering it's almost double the traffic of last month, so whilst I'm still a little circumspect about diving in with both feet, I'll certainly be cross referencing more of my posts onto that platform.


Thanks to the little advert on my blog, and to you lovely people clicking on it with abandon, my total earnings from its presence are now nudging up towards £20. Not a huge amount, but every click gets me closer to that magical £60 figure when I'll actually get paid. Now that I've invested in a pair of knights in the form of the renegade kit I suspect that my next spending will be back on the Dusk Knights, bulking that collection out (I've already committed to some Vanguard Veterans for when they opt to use Raven Guard tactics!).


What a month, it took all my willpower to keep slogging away at that drop pod this month, but I'm so pleased that I did, the model looks fantastic even if I do say so myself, and with Pedro Kantor to go with it that I revealed yesterday the Dusk Knights are rapidly setting themselves up to compete with my Dark Eldar Kabal of the Burning Eye as my best painted force.


This month saw me venture into the world of big models for hte first time with the arrival of my copy of the new Knight Renegade boxed set. I'm loving building the model, even if you've not seen anything of it yet, which I will hopefully rectify next week, including a couple of tweaks to the magnetisation strategies in the tutorials I've read on 'From the Fang' and 'Weemen'.


It's been a mixed month really in gaming terms, the Iron Fists certainly haven't let me down with the only loss being against Martin's Iron Hands with the unkillable Chapter Master. I let them down however when I faced off using Martin and my doubles lists against a combined Chaos/Ork force. That army included a ridiculously cheap Stompa (thanks very much Forgeworld, that's not busted rules at all...) but despite tying the score up in the last turn, I should have won, and that's something that is still irritating me! A good win against the War Convocation at the weekend certainly boosted my morale, though it will be interesting to see how I get on at the tournament in May.

What will May bring?

Well it'll start well as I'm on election duty so I should get through plenty of painting in the first week. The first Dusk Knights tactical squad is well underway though I need to focus on getting the Tau complete and the unfinished elements of the Iron Fists done before the May tournament (technically they don't require minis to be painted but I can't in all conscience take an army to a tournament that's not finished).

I should therefore hit around 6 games of 40k, and I'm running a kill team evening at club in the second week. The first Knight will get finished in construction terms so I'll begin work on the second, which will then include more converted elements - I'm going for a more dynamic pose second time around. I'm also looking to do a bit of a showcase on the various build elements of the knight, including how I go about magnetising it for weapon swaps and transportation. Crucially, I think if I use both knights in a game then I'm going to need to rearrange the weapon options as I'm likely to want to use its ranged options more rather than bringing 2 D-weapons.

Till next time,

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