Friday, 6 May 2016

Fall of Taahuna - MAD Wargaming Campaign

Morning all - today I've got a quick update for you on my club's current map-based campaign (thanks to Mike at St Andrew's Wargaming for the rules).

From humble beginnings, I had to expand the map quite considerably to accommodate all the players who wanted to participate - as you can see we've now got 13 factions taking part.

Most of the major armies are represented, inevitably we have 5 marine armies of various flavours (including blood angels and grey knights), Dark Eldar, Guard, Tau, Daemons, Chaos Marines, Orks and Tyranids.

The campaign works on a simple system, you pick a hex to attack and if you win your game you have a chance of claiming that hex as your territory. The more dominant your win or the closer the territory to your own, the more likely it is you will claim it.

I started each player with three territories and a randomly generated structure (there are a variety of buildings, each of which grants bonuses either to in-game effects such as seizing the initiative or affects the ease of claiming hexes).

Turn 1 is now complete, and as you can see below, we have several factions that have expanded their empires. Four of the marine armies claimed new hexes, though Dave P's Blood Angels did so at the expense of one of their own (including their structure), which was lost to Martin's Iron Hands.
From the early stages it looks as though there will be a series of clashes between the Tau and the Grey Knights in the north-east quadrant, with both factions expanding their territory - Myles is a veteran tournament player so it will be interesting to see how he handles the newer-codexed Tau, particularly given he has his own Tau collection so knows their strengths well.

My own Iron Fists have been fortifying their position (I was the only player to build a structure in turn 1) so that their bikes can strike out fast from a position of strength.

Turn 2 is now underway so I'll update you all when those games are finished, I expect the map to get a lot more busy very quickly!

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