Monday, 16 May 2016

Hobby update - 16/5/16. Dusk Knights Tactical Squad progress and Gabriel enters the paint shop

Greetings all,
welcome once more to the hobby bench of your truly, as I continue slaving away against my own personal tide of grey plastic.

Last week I brought you some pictures of the work I'd managed to do on my Iron Fists, well let's update you on them first of all then. Here is the finished, completed, final, done and dusted (and any other suitably end-implying adjectives you can think of) force that I'm taking to a doubles tournament next week.

This is a hunting force consisting of three bike squads, a scout bike squad, 2 attack bikes and a captain. I'll be teaming up with an Iron Hands force for some heavy support and hopefully we'll see some heretical or xenos forces smashed asunder. I'll be doing an update on the tournament with some battle reports (hopefully) afterwards, so keep an eye out for them.

Up at the top you can see the first of my Imperial Knights, having entered the paint shop and been undercoated. I was a little annoyed at first that my local stockist didn't have any chaos black, but actually having decided to make do with the grey primer instead I do quite like it - it certainly allows for a greater appreciation of the details before they're painted, I may even be convinced to switch permanently if the scheme comes out a similar colour to my black undercoated stuff.

I've not written much fluff to go with the knights I'm building, but I can confirm that their house is called House Seraphus, and the two knights I have at the moment will be Gabriel the Messenger and Ramiel the Sound of Thunder. Basically the names of the knights are angelic names and meaning I found online, since the house name is a bastardisation of seraph, a six-winged angel.

Onto the Dusk Knights therefore and I've begun work on the first tactical squad. Actually I've also broken the banner off Kantor which annoyed me immensely but I'll repair that easily enough.

So we have a sergeant at the front, and these first five will also include the grav and grav cannon models. As the not-blind of you will probably have noticed, there's a sixth model hiding away in this photo behind the sergeant's banner. Bet you can't guess what he is!

Till next time,

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