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Hobby update - 23-5-16

Morning all,
time for another hobby update! This week I have some progress on my Dusk Knights space marines, and a quick review of a tournament I attended at the weekend (more detailed review and battle reports to follow), plus a sad goodbye to a faithful servant.

Right, let's start with the big news then - on Saturday I attended the 'Greetings from the Warp' doubles tournament (search for Greetings from the Warp on facebook). This was a 1600pt tournament with each constituent half of the army being no more than 800pts. Required elements were a single HQ and a single Troop choice, and super heavies were limited to 1 per army (combined).

I took my Iron Fists Hunting Force, and teamed up with my good friend Martin and his Iron Hands. Martin took a CAD, with the nigh unkillable warlord in a bike command squad, a couple of scout units in Land Speeder Storms, and a pair of thunderfire cannons.

Each of the games combined an eternal war mission with maelstrom missions, so there were plenty of things to be thinking about during the games. We placed 5th overall after the three games, despite my Iron Fists taking an absolute pounding in the 2nd and 3rd games, but more importantly (because I wasn't expecting to win the event) we picked up the award for 'Best Painted Army'. I'm really pleased with this (as you might expect) especially since to my eye I've improved my painting a lot since I did these guys. My prize for this is a GW voucher that will be put towards getting (and painting appropriately) something for the raffle at Hero for a Day in August.

Onto more usual hobby matters, I've now got finished (well, 99.9% finished) the first 2 Dusk Knights tactical marines. Hopefully you'll see what I meant above when I said my painting has improved since the Iron Fists scheme.
Here we have Sergeant Reyes and Brother Rodrigo. Reyes is sergeant of Squad Primo of the 4th 'Hazard' Company of the Dusk Knights. He bears the traditional sergeant's power fist of the Dusk Knights (though I won't be using that in games) and a Phobos pattern boltgun, whilst his back banner declares the company number and distinctive hazard striping prevalent amongst its members (I enjoyed doing the hazard stripes on the drop pod so much I decided to incorporate them into the majority of the models in the army in some way).

Brother Rodrigo is the squad's heavy weapon specialist, carrying the brutal Grav Cannon. I've gone fairly subtle with the lighting effects on the Grav Cannon, keeping the yellow theme. He needs a few last details, like hazard stripes on the pipes into the gun and his backpack, and the edge of the base needs finishing, plus some script on the banner, but otherwise he's finished.

I'm trying out weathering on this army in the form of chips and scratches for the first time using Rhinox Hide and Leadbelcher, then highlighting the edges with a lighter blue to make them stand out. If anyone has any tips on whether I'm getting this right or not, and how I could improve it please let me know!

Here's a few more pics of these guys from different angles. (I'm working on figuring out how to present my pics better in blogger, so again any helpful tips/tutorials from the more web-savvy would be appreciated)

I for one would not want to be seeing Rodrigo from this angle!
The fallen banner will get script on it - promise!

I'm particularly pleased with the company badge
The yellow tank will be hazard striped soon
Ok, so finally, it was with a certain amount of sadness that I said goodbye this weekend to my gaming table from my garage. It's served me well over the past 4 years, but its time was up. I built it at a time when everything I painted had an ice world base, and formed the first stirrings of the idea of my modular terrain, so it had sculpted detail on it with predetermined spots for terrain tiles. 

Fear not however, it is going to be replaced with an updated version, which will allow all my modular terrain to fit seamlessly in to create a truly customisable gaming experience (ok, so it's going to be a table with a border round the edge to stop the tiles falling off).

Till next time!

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