Monday, 9 May 2016

Hobby update 9/5/16 - the Iron Fists come roaring back into full focus

Greetings all, welcome back to my more usual hobby updates for a Monday!

last time I eschewed a typical hobby update in favour of a showcase on Pedro Kantor. Well on Thursday I had the great pleasure (?) to be working on a polling station, so for 15 hours I was stuck in a room not being able to leave with very few interruptions, so I kicked my hobby mojo into gear and started revving the engine to get some major progress achieved on my Iron Fists bikes (see what I did there? Context-sensitive descriptive passages come as standard on this blog!)

What therefore did I manage to achieve? Well as you can see from the above photo the Iron Fists list is really coming together and starting to look all kinds of awesome on the tabletop - I've got a few plans for doing some detailed pics once these models are completely done to show them off a bit more like my Kabal of the Burning Eye, so look out for those in a few weeks.

First up on the list was something that just needed doing - I've had a box full of Tau drones sitting around for ages that needed finishing, so here they are.
Nothing particularly exciting to see there, they're simply painted silver, washed with nuln oil and given a little red detail here and there.

Next up was the most important part of the day - I'm heading off to a doubles tournament with the Iron Fists in a couple of weeks, and whilst the tournament rules don't require models to be fully painted (boo, hiss) I couldn't take an unfinished army to a tournament (yay, huzzah!). First up then was my main bike squads - I've chopped and changed the arrangement and weapon options of these guy quite a bit since I moved from my old Iron Fists lists using Imperial Fists chapter tactics and the bikes forming simply the basis of the army, to using White Scars tactics and making the bikes, speeders and flyers the whole army. Consequently I needed to bring in some combi weapons and some more special weapons, so I added an extra sergeant with a combi melta for the melta bike squad, two plasmas and a combi plasma for a second squad, and two grav guns and combi grav for the third squad. These guys are all now done completely.

Next up then was the big fat elephant in the room that's been preventing me from really getting into this army again for a while - the scout bikes. I've got three of the new models, which are nice and plastic and easy to paint, and four of the old ones, which look a lot better (in my opinion) but are a combination of plastic and metal, they don't fit together well and the metal parts keep dropping off whilst I'm painting them. Add to that I've also re-designed the list to include a pair of 2-strong multi melta attack bike units, so I picked up some new attack bikes a while back from one of the guys at club. These are a proper sod to paint as they're all glued together already and I can't split bits off without actually breaking the whole damn thing. Still, nothing worth doing is easy right? Well, wrong, but let's keep telling ourselves that eh?
By the end of the day, this is where I'd got these guys to, so still plenty of work required, but I'm working a more 'normal' week this week so actually have a whole hour for my lunch Mon-Thurs (except that I'm writing this in Monday's lunch, oh well!).

As you can see though, most of the paintwork is done, I just need to finish the top layer of blue on the bikes then paint the riders (a much less stressful job). I'm so looking forward to being able to get these out on the table soon as a fully painted list, I really do enjoy fielding a properly painted army!

Added to that, on Saturday I then decided to stay up until I'd finished building my first Knight. It's ok I thought, most of it is done already and I started at around 9ish. Ok, four hours later I was done, having magnetised the thing to death (I'll do a post on that some other time). Trust me, a 1am bedtime is not a good idea when you've got a toddler and an 8-month old that are excited about going to see their nannan the following day!
I have to say I'm really loving this guy now, though after seeing the Dawn of War III trailer last week I'll definitely be converting the second from the box to be a bit more 'dynamic', even though I won't be buying a wraithknight just to model it getting shoulder barged and busted by the reaper chainsword.

So that's me for this week, except to say one thing. Look out soon for an announcement regarding Hero for a Day, a second regarding a new blog feature series, and another following a new series of games I'll be taking part in at my club. I'm really excited for this project, and I hope you will be too. It doesn't have a name yet, but it should be great fun!

Till next time,

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