Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Pedro Kantor - Showcase and Review

Greetings all! First can I just point out that this is my 350th post - random milestones indeed. The main part of this post however is not to celebrate such things, but to look at my latest finished model - Pedro Kantor.
My Dusk Knights draw heavily on the background of the descendants of Dorn, their Chapter being founded from a Black Templars crusade that settled the planetary home of a shrine of the Imperial St Olav.

Consequently I can't think of anyone better to lead my army in its non-combat guise than Kantor. Objective Secured Sternguard means that I can really make a strong objective claiming force whilst still using the benefits of the Sternhammer Strike Force. Kantor himself is also a strong component of the army, I used him last week (admittedly in a small point game against Blood Angels) and he bossed the field, taking down both armoured vehicles and a whole tactical squad (well, he forced them to run off the table anyway).

I've really enjoyed painting the model, it's dynamic and gives a great sense of movement and speed whilst still being solid and bulky as Space Marine captains should. So without further ado, let's have a look in a bit more detail.

The main focus of the model - those of you who saw my drop pod showcase last week will have picked up that I'm keen to get the yellow into the models in this army, and the leather 'skirt' at the front seemed like the ideal opportunity. The yellow on the model is done with a basecoat of Averland Sunset, washed with Agrax Earthshade then an upper layer of Averland Sunset and highlighted along the edges with Yriel Yellow.

There's a lot of Laurel Wreaths on this model, so having a strong green recipe was important. This is a basecoat of Warpstone Glow, washed with the ubiquitous Agrax Earthshade, then highlighted with Warboss Green and Moot Green. The brass elements are done with a basecoat of Brass Scorpion highlighted with Runelord Brass and then a final edge highlight of Leadbelcher.

The cream areas are a hugely important part of the tone of the model, giving a neutral complement to the main blues. They're achieved with a pretty simple mix of Rakarth Flesh, washed with yep, you guessed it, Agrax Earthshade, then highlighted up with more Rakarth Flesh and then Pallid Wych Flesh.
So, let's have a look at that blue then shall we? I've gone into much greater depth with the highlights on the banner than elsewhere on the model because I wanted it to be another focal point, without highlighting the normal armour of the model too much. The base coat of the blue is inevitably Kantor Blue (it would kinda be rude not to really wouldn't it). On the armour that's then highlighted with Alaitoc Blue along all the edges of the armour. Alaitoc blue is a nice muted tone that highlights the Kantor blue without being brash. At the junctions of armour edges however I used Teclis Blue, which brings back that really vibrant blue that makes the armour pop nicely. On the fist on the banner, I then took that two stages further, adding first Lothern Blue and then White Scar to give an extreme level of definition.

I'm really proud of the job I managed to do on this model, as it really shows off everything I'm capable of - now I guess I need to add something more to my repertoire!

So, enough of the painting, what about the rules? I'll be honest and admit this review is certainly made having read Jack White's review several times over  (linky link)

Well, for starters, Kantor is a Chapter Master figure, so he's more than capable of holding his own in a combat situation. Artificer armour as standard and a power fist are both incorporated into his profile, and Dorn's Arrow is a Storm Bolter (I disagree with Jack here in that I think it's clear that Dorn's Arrow most certainly is a Storm Bolter - the fluff even says that it is) and therefore does benefit from the Imperial Fists Chapter Tactics. That being said, with BS5 it doesn't make a huge amount of difference. Equating this weapon broadly speaking with the Primarch's Wrath boltgun that gives us about 30pts to play with in terms of his upgrades from his particular special rules.

There are three of these. First up he comes with Feel no Pain as his Warlord Trait, so no only does he come with a fairly full locker in defensive terms (2+ armour, 4++ iron halo and 4 wounds) he also has the opportunity to discount some of those wounds when they do get through - effectively you can consider him as coming with 5 wounds basic since you should get at least one saved before he's killed. Next up he makes Sternguard Objective Secured whilst they're in the same detachment. Finally all models in his detachment get Preferred Enemy against Orks, which is nice but rarely relevant, but more importantly all models in his detachment also get an extra attack when they're within 12" of him. The only real defensive downside in fact is that he doesn't have eternal warrior.

Offensively he also has items bursting out of that locker when he opens the door. As a Chapter Master he brings an orbital strike, which whilst it's not very accurate two thirds of the time is pretty devastating when it does hit. The only problem is he can't use it and move in the same turn. Dorn's Arrow is a great weapon that will chew its way through most light-mid level infantry, with only space marine equivalents really presenting much resistance. As an assault weapon it doesn't hamper him in any way in terms of launching an assault either.

Combat is where he really begins to make his presence felt however, with that extra attack from his special rule giving him 6 attacks on the charge. Although he's limited to striking at initiative 1, his armour and invulnerable save should combine with his feel no pain save to keep him alive long enough against most things to get to use those attacks, and when he does your opponent will have to be seriously kitted out not to feel them. In addition to that of course, his squad will also get significant benefit from the extra attack.

In conclusion therefore, Kantor is a very effective commander - his Warlord trait is more than useful and will usually ensure that he hangs around long enough to make the most of his power fist. His only real drawback is that against the best combat characters he will fall short and he doesn't really bring enough benefits outside combat to be considered a 'must have' if you're going up against the best combat armies out there. He's still a seriously effective player however and isn't overly expensive in terms of points.

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