Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hobby update - 1/6/16 - Combat Squad Primus finished!

Dusk Knights Fortress Monastery
Greetings all, welcome once more to an update on the current status of my painting table, whatever surface it happens to occupy at the time!

First of all though, may I draw your attention to yesterday's post, where I have decided to put my Dark Eldar collection up for sale. I'd love this army to go to a good home!

So, onto more positive things, how is my hobbying coming along?

First of all, I finished the first Dusk Knights combat squad, and I'm very pleased with how they turned out!

I think it's safe to say that these are the best painted figures I've ever produced, eclipsing even my Dark Eldar in terms of finished product. Thanks to some tips from Alun Heseltine, I'm happy with how the weathering has turned out, and to Luke Fogg for some help with the hazard stripes. It's safe to say I'm really pleased with the overall finish, and also in particular the balance of colours on the models. I do have a tendency to go bright, and whilst not dull, these guys are considerably more subtle than some of my older armies. I'm really pleased also with the detailed effort I put into the bases, and they are far and away more impressive models because of that.

After finishing this squad therefore, I decided to treat myself (not a reward for finishing them, as I really enjoyed painting them, but a treat as something additional) so say hello to Epistolary Guiomar, the Electromancer.

After some deliberation, I decided to go with a lightning effect on him, as if his powers are crackling all over his armour (there's a power in the fulmination discipline called electroshield, which grants a 3+ invulnerable save and I like to think this is what that would look like).

Some further consideration led me to remove the short sword from the model and replace it with one of the power weapons from the vanguard veterans kit. Incidentally (rant incoming!) why on earth does the vanguard kit come with 5 sets of thunder hammers and storm shields, and 5 sets of lightning claws, but only 3 'normal' power weapons? At 5 pts each I'd love to equip this kit with a mix of powers swords and axes, but that means visiting the bits sellers and picking up lots of spare weapons for ridiculous prices. Ok rant over.

Given the pose of the model, I plumped for the power axe, which looks most like it's being used. I also magnetised it so it won't break off during transport.

Next up after Guiomar will be the second combat squad of Squad Primus, and  little something for the Hero for a Day raffle, along with my entry for our club's latest painting challenge, the Cataphractii terminator captain from Betrayal at Calth.

Today I also got some work done on my Knight, getting the front of his face/helmet/mask very nearly finished. I decided to go with red to match the sergeant's helmets in the Dusk Knights scheme, the idea being that my knight will fit seamlessly into that army.

Finally, I've been working a bit on generating some better looking army lists to have with me at my games. I'm reasonably satisfied with this as a first effort, what do you think?

I'll create more of these sheets for the individual formations as there isn't space to list all the equipment in this fashion. It will make it much more fun though going through my lists with opponents before games!

Till next time!

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