Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hobby update - 21.6.16 - Thunderfire Cannon

Morning all,

Hobby update is a little late today following my release of tickets for Hero for a Day at the weekend.

We now have 7 players registered, so only 13 tickets left! It should be a great day played in a really good spirit, so if you fancy coming along, get your name down to attend asap!

With the work I've been putting into that, plus a few real life interruptions meaning I've been away from the painting table for a couple of days I've only got the one model to really update you on this week, my thunderfire cannon, which is now ready for deployment!

These things are the bane of my life at club at the moment, as two of my regular opponents bring a pair of them to games. Of course, with the sternhammer force I should be able to out-thunderfire just about anyone but the models are damned expensive. This is an original metal one I've had in my collection for a long, long time and it's now on its third coat of paint. Fingers crossed my normal scatter dice behaviour doesn't apply to it now it's painted!

Here's some more pics to keep you going, I should have some hefty progress for you next week on the second tactical squad and maybe some librarians.

As you can see, I've taken the unusual step of painting the techmarine himself in blue rather than the more commonplace martian red. There's a very simple reason for this - I'd like my army to be mainly blue, and I'm using red as a highlight colour elsewhere and didn't want this model to distract from that. I'll be following this to some extent with the librarians as well, though since they're supposed to wear blue anyway that won't be a problem. I've kept the mechanicus cog shoulderpad red however, so that his dedication to the machine god is still obvious, though that dedication is in service of the Dusk Knights and secondary to that loyalty.

I've been messing about recently with a meme-maker on my phone, initially downloaded so I could make funny pictures of my kids for the family, but you'll see these appearing more on my blog in the future. The thunderfire cannon was an ideal starting place I thought!

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