Monday, 6 June 2016

Hobby update 6/6/16 - Batch painting sucks!

Morning all,
hope you all had a great weekend, noses back on the grindstone now though eh? It's a good job I'm here to perk up your Mondays with pics of hobby goodness then isn't it!

Well last week I showed you Squad Primus' first five members complete, and I have to say I'm enjoying painting these guys so much at the moment, and I think one of the big reasons for that is because I'm not batch painting them.

Assuming for example a particular colour takes 20 minutes to apply to a single model, doing five at one time extrapolates to 100 minutes to do that same colour on a squad of five guys. Realistically that's the majority of my painting time of an evening so the only progress I make is to get a single colour applied.

However, with that painting time distilled down onto a single model, I can see much more significant progress over the course of an evening, and for me, that means motivation is considerably higher, and I actually end up painting more.

Taking the Dusk Knights as an example, I started work on another tactical squad member last night. After the above mentioned 100 minutes I was around halfway finished, so I figured I'd keep painting!

And here he is, the only thing not done is the highlights around the chips and scratches on his armour. He's also missing some hazard stripes on the model, but I think I'll see how the whole squad looks first before I decide whether or not to add any, they don't take that long.

He's down on my list as brother Adolfo, and he uses some of the old assault marine legs to get a bit of motion into the pose, which I like.

As for the other work I got done over the weekend, here's Captain Alvaro 'finished'.

Extremely pleased with the look of this guy, even if I do need to add a storm shield to the model when I've got a decent one and have figured out where to attach it (technically it replaces a weapon, but I'd rather model is as being additional).

Alvaro probably shows off the best example I've got so far of the hazard striping working really well (at least I think so). I thought about placing the door he's standing on the other way round so he's on the outside, but actually I think breaking up that hazard striping works better and doesn't overpower the model, which it might have done had I done that.

Lastly, I'm considering adding a little detail to the shields on his shoulder pauldrons, they're a little bland at the moment so I'll see if I can paint the chapter badge that small!

Next up then is Epistolary Guiomar. He's primarily going to be rolling on the Fulmination chart, so I've painted him up as having an affinity with electricity/lightning.

This was also my first genuine effort at blending on a power weapon, so I'm pretty pleased with the results, it took an age even despite the relatively small surface area. I gave the axe shaft a glaze of guilliman blue as well just to try and tie it in to the blade a little. It's just about visible in places despite the dodgy lighting on the photo (sorry, too the pic in the wee hours this morning under my angle-poise lamp so it's a little over-exposed.

I decided to keep any hazard stripes off this model as in the fluff for the army they're linked to the 4th company rather than the chapter as a whole, and coming from the librarius he wouldn't be assigned to a particular company. The handle of the axe in particular shows off my approach for painting reds (Mike!) and is basically Mephiston Red, washed with Agrax Earthshade, then with another coat of Mephiston Red, highlighted in two stages with Evil Sunz Scarlet then Wild Rider Red.

Somewhat foolishly I've committed myself to completing the challenge of getting the remaining four members of this squad finished in time for next week's hobby update, so a few late nights could be in store!

Till next time,

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