Monday, 27 June 2016

Hobby update - something big this way comes!

Greetings everyone!

As always I like to begin the week with a little look back at what I've achieved, hobby-wise over the last 7 days.

Before I get on to the painting though - I'd like to just remind you all that on 19th August (starting at midnight) through to the 20th August (midnight) I'm hosting a 24-hour 40k charity event, called Hero for a Day. Entry is £10, including two meals and entry into the prize raffle (10+ prizes so far, including Deathwatch: Overkill and a Forgeworld Knight!)

Two teams of 10 will compete over the fate of the world of Hormung Prime, and we'll hopefully raise loads of cash for the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group.

I've had 8 people confirm their entry already so if you like the sound of a friendly team event to raise money for a good cause, contact me using the blog address and put your name down!

Now I'm sure most of you will have registered that there was a referendum in the UK last week. Regardless of the outcome (and I don't want to comment on it on this blog) 'election' days like this for me mean sitting in a quiet room for a long time with occasional interruptions from people wanting to vote. By that of course I mean I work in a polling station and when there are no voters around, I paint (actually this even generates some interest with voters when they see what I'm working one).

This time round I managed to demonstrate just how annoying a certain model in the space marine range can be. Granted I was struggling a bit with motivation to paint it, so probably took more breaks than usual, and with a high turnout there were certainly more interruptions than last time I did this in May, but here is what I'm talking about, and what it looked like at the start of the day.

Yes, it's the second dreaded drop pod (actually, I wrote a list later that evening for an idea I'd like to try, which has seven of this things in it) and after spending ages painting the first, I though I'd try and knock it out in the day. I wasn't expecting to completely finish it, but here's what I ended up with when I packed up in the evening.

To my mind, that's pretty bloody good progress. I need to highlight the hazard stripes, paint them on the insides, detail the door locking mechanisms, and the seals alongside the doors, plus some highlights on the panels, but it's not far from being done.

Here's the completed pod pic for reference.

In the rest of the week, I got a bit frustrated cos I've run out of Rakarth Flesh so can't get on with the dusk knights infantry. I did manage to get these few bits progressed though.

First up we have the beginnings of my geomancer for my Librarius Conclave.

I've decided that in friendlier games, to avoid being too cheesy (still a bit cheesy, but not as bad as it could be) I'll limit my choice of disciplines so no two librarians pick from the same set. This should mean I'll only get a 1 in 3 chance of picking any particular power I'm after, and without Tigurius I won't be re-rolling them either.

Because of this, I'll be able to distinguish between librarians with their paint job - you've already seen this with my electromancer, and here you can see the geomancer is channeling the power of the earth as the greave of his armour gradually takes on the appearance of stone. I'll be continuing this effect on the other leg and from his hands, so it should look pretty cool. I've obviously got simple plans for the pyromancer but any suggestions for other disciplines gratefully received!

Finally, with tickets for Hero for a Day now available, and having taken the decision to allow a single super-heavy in each army, I figured I ought to get my first Knight painted. So I started with my new favourite gun in the 40k game, the Avenger Gatling Cannon.

As this will be mainly used to support my Dusk Knights at the moment, I figured hazard striping the gun casing was appropriate, and once I get the rear of the mechanism painted and the hoppers done I expect this to be suitable awesome.

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