Thursday, 2 June 2016

May Review - tournament glory and Dusk Knight progress

Greetings all, and welcome to my May review - blimey we're nearly halfway through the year, and consequently more time has past since my birthday spending bonus than is left until the next one!

so let's have a look at my hobby resolutions first as always:
  • paint 500pts of The Bromheads (not until end of the year)
  • place in the top half of two tournaments (I'm halfway there - 5th place at the Greetings from the Warp doubles was a very welcome surprise)
  • Organise Hero for a Day
  • Build/paint 300pts of marines per month. Oh yes, though Kantor at 185 on his own definitely helped, as did the election day when I got plenty done.
  • Paint 500pt of Dark Eldar. No, and this won't appear in the future due to selling them.
  • Complete all my Tau. They are now finished, tick, off the list!
  • Play a big game (5000pts). No
  • Win rates - Not bad actually, I don't count kill team in these, the Tau lost their 1 game, but the Iron Fists picked up 66% at the doubles event.
  • I've not played Ryan in a 1v1 game this month.
  • 5000 blog views per month. Smashed this one again, I wasn't expecting to be able to match last month's efforts, but with over 1000 views in a day on my knight magnetisation tutorial it proved comparatively easy and I ended the month with 10,238, breaking five figures for the first time - THANK YOU ALL!
  • 1 unit review per week. Hmm, no, I'm now falling quite a way behind unfortunately, and it'll need some serious effort to catch up. I will however start doing some reviews for the other tactical cards in my collection, which should help here following on from my looks at the supremacy cards and those for Double Trouble.
Blog Achievements

Well the obvious big achievement in the last month was the tutorial I mentioned above on magnetising the Imperial Knight. That one article obviously hit such a sweet spot, it actually climbed into my all-time top five most viewed articles in a single day. Clearly a decent title helped, but I like to think there was a lot of valuable information in there as well. 


Up until a few days ago this was looking a little down on last month, but a surge of over £2 worth in the last week saw me beat Aprils total, and the grand total is now up to about £24 (it takes a few days for google to finalise the monthly earnings). Keep going at this rate and I might even see revenue from them this year!

I'm pretty firmly decided now that what I'll do with this when it does come in is make a few selections of items for each of my armies, then open things up to a public vote as to which of them I buy. It's not quite a giveaway, which will happen with the second set of revenue, but it will give you all an input into things, whilst because I'll be making the original selection it'll still be something I'll want to use.


With the election duty that came in, I clearly got a massive amount done in comparison to normal, which was fantastic from a hobby perspective as the Iron Fists are now almost complete.

I've taken a very different approach with the Dusk Knights, dropping the idea of batch painting completely (well, almost) and focusing on completing single models so that I focus more attention on each one. I think that's definitely helped me in terms of the quality of paint job I'm producing on them, and I'm definitely enjoying the painting more than I have for a while, though whether that's a direct result of this, or just that I can see the finished quality of the miniatures I'm not sure.


Didn't have a huge amount to do here, just finishing off the tactical squad and making a bit of a start on the veteran squad. Given the 2k pts list I've written to be my focus of the Dusk Knights, I'll probably actually be building these guys up as honour guard, but magnets will make a heavy appearance to ensure I can switch them back to vanguard as necessary.


Unprecedented success here too, with 5th place in the tournament beating my previous attempt at BlogWars 9 last year (22nd). I'm sure a lot of that was due to Martin's Iron Hands and his unkillable (almost) Chapter Master, but even so the armies worked well together, as neither of us could be ignored on the tabletop.

Till next time!

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