Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Burning Eye Hall of Fame nominee #1

Greetings all,

Something new for you today. Having been inspired by some of my blogger colleagues' serial articles such as Mike's 'Better Know a Blogger' Series over on St Andrews Wargaming I decided to delve a little deeper into the psyche of the GW blogger (I know, it's a dangerous game I'm playing, but someone's got to do it and I'm your man!). That or someone else had a good idea and I'm looking to copy emulate that success with my own twist!

So what have I come up with? Quite simply, the (drumroll please) BURNING EYE HALL OF FAME (to really get how that sounds in my head and therefore why that's in capitals you have to imagine it being announced by Michael Buffer). Now I've enquired of several of my blog followers what their nominations would be, and I've got a growing list, but please feel free to send your own suggestions to me using the blog email address. I'll try and address them all in order they arrive. The only limitations are that the miniatures must be GW produced. You can include pictures if you like (please) and you can also include converted versions, though the original must be clearly legible within the converted piece. I'll research the miniature to see what history I can find out about it, and I'll also give a precis of it if I can (so for special characters I'll try and provide some of the background fluff).

Let's kick things off with my own nomination shall we? (That's one of the nice things about having a blog, you can always use your own ideas first).

I can honestly say this is the miniature that first really gripped me from GW's range, and somewhat inevitably (and unashamedly as I'm a big fan of his work) it's a Jes Goodwin original! I've even corroborated my own story here, since in doing a little bit of research I actually came across a link to one of my old blog posts where I name checked the little verminous dude.
May I please present to you, Warlord Queek - Chief Head-Taker of Clan Mors.

Queek was the miniature that inspired me to collect the Skaven most of all - the 'rule of cool' most certainly applied here, and the bright colours appealed to the 14-year old version of me (don't ask how long ago that was - too long!).

Despite being titled as a Warlord, Queek was not in fact the head of his Clan, that honour belonged to a certain Lord Gnawdwell, one of the Skaven Lords of Decay. Queek however had been groomed almost from birth (legend has it that he ate his birth brothers before he'd even opened his eyes) to be the ultimate Skaven Warrior. Unlike many Skaven he is a brave fighter, with the only recorded example of him running from a fight being when Grey Seer Thanquol accidentally summoned the Bloodthirster Skarbrand to the battlefield rather than a Vermin Lord. I think we can all forgive him that little lapse...

His warrior talents have been honed over the years by both fighting, and assassination attempts arranged by Lord Gnawdwell. He carries a serrated sword in one hand and Dwarf Gouger in the other, a spiked mace originally created during the Goblin Wars (and ironically probably more likely to impale than gouge), but by far his most distinctive piece of wargear is the trophy rack he carries on his back, displaying prominently the skulls and various other appendages of opponents he's vanquished over the years.

Despite the insanely cool original miniature, he's subsequently been re-released (in finecast, urgh!) and whilst it's not the nostalgia-inspiring piece  that first drew me to the character, I think it's safe to say that justice has been done to the fluff with the new model.

Next time? Something rotten this way comes.

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