Monday, 18 July 2016

Hobby update 18-7-16 - Dusk Knight recruiting continues!

Greetings all,
welcome once more to the hallowed halls of my project desk (it's a metaphorical desk by the way, kids have ensured I have no actual hobby table). What have I been working on this week?

Last week I promised you I'd make progress on the Knight's legs so that I could look at mounting him to a base. Well they're not exactly finished yet, but they are much closer than they were at least!

A quick brush over with runelord brass and some touch ups and they'll be ready to go. I've also filled in the hollow feet and drilled pins into the knight's base so that he'll be mounted using eight separate pins - should keep things fairly stable I hope!

In other matters, I got rather carried away by purchasing and building, rather than painting last week. I guess I really need to remedy that this week if I'm going to get my knight finished in time for Hero for a Day (tickets still available if you want to come along, it's just over a month away now!).

All in all I bought the following:
2 Devastator Squad boxes
1 Drop Pod
1 Dark Angels Torso and legs
5 Sternguard Torsos
10 Tactical Squad rear torsos
1 Sanguinary Guard jump pack

So, what's all that about I hear you ask? No really, I do hear you ask that don't I?

Well the Devastators have been next on my buying list for a while, and having picked up one box, I realised that unusually for GW, they have included 6 sets of legs in the kit (presumably so that you don't have to use the kneeling pair if you don't want to). A little plan started to form in my devious mind at that point, and I figured that with 2 kits I'd have 12 pairs of legs, which meant that I could make 12 heavy weapon bearers. I've got a few models kicking around suitable for use as sergeants (I'm sure all long term marine players have) so with very little effort I could in fact make 3 5-man Devastator squads from the 2 boxes. That's what the rear torso parts are for, as these are the limiting factor in the box. The drop pod will be used to provide the devastator squad with some deployment options (well, for the grav squad anyway) and my cataphractii captain will accompany them to allow them to move and fire.

The dark angels torso is one I've had designs on for a while, the piece is designed to be walking forwards, which I really liked and as it's robed, it seemed ideal to use as a librarian, probably my planned pyromancer. The Sternguard torsos are there to finish off the body, and I'll use a hooded head from my bits box along with some other threatening looking arms etc to complete him.

Finally therefore, the sanguinary jump pack will be used with my forthcoming palatine blades for my Emperor's Children. I've already got 4 sat in my bits box (without the wings) so this one will allow me to equip a squad to match Lord Commander Eidolon.

What's that? You demand to see pictures? Ok, here you are then.

I may work in the construction industry during the day, but I've been adding to that during the evenings this week!

Two more of these to come when those torso parts arrive.

Always pays to have a flexible heavy squad, especially if you get tank hunter re-rolls! I love the new missile part so much I just couldn't not use them all!

These are my grav devastators, and their sergeant will be picking up a combi grav too.

The last two members of the honour guard squad for now - I had to wait until I'd picked up the devastator box as I had run out of power axe parts. The chapter banner bearer will actually be getting a sanguinary guard glaive as his relic blade rather than the standard one I've included there to prevent duplicates in the squad.

So that's all for today - as I mentioned earlier we still have Hero for a Day tickets available so if you want to attend please let me know - equally please circulate to anyone you think might want to take part, it should be good fun and is for a great cause!

Till next time,

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