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Hobby update - Sire Gabriel in the paint shop

Greetings all,
after a bit of a quiet week on the blog last week, I'm expecting a bit of an explosion in productivity this week. You've got all these posts to look forward to!

Hobby Update - my usual weekly splurge of pics of stuff I've been painting - this week includes a sneak peek at something coming my way that I've not touched on here on the blog before.

Hero for a Day update - I'm expecting to be able to provide you with the event pack for the day, covering army selection criteria and what games we'll be playing throughout the day. It won't cover missions, as I'm still writing these (not many more to do though now!) but will give you some idea of what the day will entail. I have various helpers beavering away in the background on a variety of topics to help me out on the day too. Tickets are going fairly quick, so if you want to come along, get in touch!

June review - My monthly review of what's happened in my hobby life, June has seen a few big changes, a few things dropped and some new projects taken on, but more of that to come.

Right, let's get onto the main part of this post then - hobby stuff!

My efforts this week have been a little curtailed in comparison to normal, as I got no painting done on either Wednesday or Thursday lunchtime. I did however manage to sneak some time on Wednesday lunch (I was at a meeting all day) to sketch out a few more bones of the Dusk Knights chapter and came up with this.

As ever my ambitious plans are far beyond my means, but I like to have a goal.

Dusk Knights Company Structure.
1st 'Immortal' Company
2nd 'Shield' Company
3rd 'Sabre' Company
4th 'Hazard' Company
5th 'Halo' Company
6th 'Honour' Company
7th 'Saviour' Company
8th 'Charger' Company
9th 'Thunder' Company
10th 'Recon' Company

Obviously I have already started on 4th Company, and have models for some elements of 1st Company. 10th Company will also be built on early, whilst my eventual plan is to re-purpose the Iron Fists into 8th Company. Depending on how my lists start to pan out I'm also likely to get parts of 9th Company and possibly 5th Company done as well (5th Company will be designated protectors of the House Seraphus compound).

Speaking of House Seraphus...

Over the weekend I did get this finished
Having tested Site Gabriel out a couple of times in games, and having seen various other knight configurations used on the tabletop, the Avenger Gatling Cannon is absolutely 100% the first choice gun for me. Able to take on most targets with its combination of good strength, high rate of fire and ability to penetrate armour through rending, it's certainly the gun for all eventualities.

Having got this completed I got all excited on Saturday night and cracked on with getting some paint down on the rest of him.

The shoulder pad I'll confess had been done previously, but before Germany put Italy out of Euro 2016 I managed to get half of the leg assembly painted (ok, the thigh and knee pads need a final layer, but we're getting there.

Having been quite nervous about starting to put paint on this model simply because of its size, I'm quite happy to report that actually painting it is coming along much faster than I'd imagined. Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot to do, but progress doesn't feel as glacial as it does on the drop pods!

I tried to capitalise on that feeling of positivity today and decided to get some base colours down on other parts of the model, leading to the following current status.

Lots more work still to be done of course, but things are progressing nicely.

The second knight won't get the red striped across the front of the carapace, that's reserved for the lance leader, and reflects the red sergeant helmets on the Dusk Knights, further tying the two forces together on the tabletop.

Look for much more progress on Sire Gabriel next week, when I'm hoping to have the second half of the leg assembly done, and possibly some iconography, which is definitely scaring me as it's going to be freehand over the cream on the shoulder pad and tilting plate.

I promised you a sneak peek didn't I? Well, this comes thanks to that almightily good chap Rob over at 30kplus40k who is coming along to Hero for a Day in August. It seems he's quite pleased that I'm organising the event and the reasoning behind it and being the generous person he is he's decided to kick start my hobby in a direction I've certainly been considering for some time by giving me a wonderful gift, which you can imagine left me speechless when he told me about it.

I'm not going to tell you what's in the box yet, that will have to wait till later, but suffice it to say that I'm going to be practising painting this colour a lot before I dare put brush to the model in the box.

For those of you who like guessing games, I may or may not have expressed a preference for them elsewhere, and here's a list of the legions taking part in the heresy that I like the background fluff and models for, and could happily collect. And just in case you're wondering - they're in legion number order, so it won't necessarily be the one at the top of the list.

III - Emperor's Children. Ok so I love painting purple, and combining that with gold, plus the idea of wielding that scalpel of an army is definitely appealing. I also love the book as we get to see Fulgrim's descent into betrayal through pride and perfection.
V - White Scars. You probably all know by now that I love me some bikes, and I actually read a biography of Genghis Khan, who is the basis of the whole character of the legion. 30k bikes are even more fun than 40k ones!
VII - Imperial Fists. Yellow. I always hated painting yellow. Thanks to various tips from other bloggers, no longer, and I've really enjoyed doing the hazard stripes on the Dusk Knights. A massive gunline of bolter wielding space marines is sort of an iconic image too, who wouldn't want to put that on the table?
VIII - Night Lords. It's the anti-hero that attracts me here. Some years ago I started a Night Lords army that never got beyond a few units, but the love of Konrad Curze hasn't left me. His model is stunning too! Parallels have been drawn between the Night Lords and the Dusk Knights...
IX - Blood Angels. My first love. Vampires too - I had/have a lot of vampire films in my collection and that Mephiston model still sits right up there with Queek as something that ensnared me into this hobby.
XIX - Raven Guard. My first 'finished' 40k army, I sometimes regret selling them, particularly since I freehanded all the ravens on the shoulder pads. In particular, I'd now love to have those guys sat there supporting the Corax model, which is one of my favourite primarchs.

That's probably enough for now - tomorrow will be my Hero for a Day update. BUY A TICKET!

Till then,

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