Monday, 11 July 2016

Hobby update - working late into the Knight

Greetings all - welcome once more to another glimpse into the depths of my hobby workings - this week will be a fairly short update, as is often the case when I get stuck into working on a single project that requires more effort! I'll be teasing you a little more too with my next project!

First things first though, this weeks has mainly been about Sire Gabriel, the first Knight out of the manufactorum for my collection. The second will begin construction upon completion of this frame, but I figured it would be best to learn the lessons of building and painting my first knight before I embark on the second.

As you can see from the picture above, he's coming on nicely, though I had to put a significant effort into the heraldry on the tilting plate. Here's a close up, that represents nearly an hour's work.
First this involved quite a bit of searching for an appropriate image, then rationalising that into something I thought I could realistically paint (however much my painting has improved I am still most definitely not an artist able to draw and paint complex freehand stuff).

I'm not convinced by the top wings in the lighter blue, so I'll be re-doing these into the darker colour using the light blue for highlights only.

Thanks to the careful use of magnets as you can see, the tilting plate and heavy stubber (and meltagun) are all interchangeable, as are the top canopy weapons options. This week I promise I'll be concentrating on getting the other leg finished so that I can get it mounted to the base, as having used it a couple of times in this state in games, it's rather wobbly!

In other hobby news, I built another honour guard model last night for the Dusk Knights, which brings me up to 4. This guy is the bearer of the Chapter Banner, and whilst I need to do a little green stuff work around the joint of the banner I'm pretty happy with how he has turned out so far - photos next week when hopefully I'll have the whole squad built to show you.

Finally then the next teaser for my Horus Heresy project, following on from last week's selections.

The legion I've chosen are not afraid of getting up close and personal, wielding blades of some description. There's also a connection with a previous faction I've collected in 40k, though not necessarily a direct link between them.

Funds are starting to build for this project though now that my Dark Eldar are beginning to sell so expect to see a big reveal before Hero for a Day.

Speaking of which, I have now got 10 confirmed attendees (though I'm still waiting for payment from some, hint hint) to this event, so if you fancy making a real difference by raising money for an awesome charity, and doing so by playing some 40k (ok, a lot of 40k) then get in touch and reserve your place - there are only 10 tickets left and I know some of those are likely to be spoken for very soon! More details here.

Among the attendees are Rob Hill and his Blood Angels from 30k plus 40k, Mike and his White Scars from St Andrews Wargaming and Alex and his Tau from From the Fang. The raffle on the day is looking awesome at the moment, look out for an announcement on that tomorrow, with more prizes to come (including some from overseas)!

Till next time,

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