Thursday, 21 July 2016

Horus Heresy Tale of Gamers - Part 2: Alpha Legion

Greetings all - last week I introduced you to a new series on the blog - the Horus Heresy tale of gamers. As I set out in that post, this is going to be a fairly relaxed tale of gamers in terms of the timings given the costs involved for those of us taking part.

Having introduced my own collection, I've asked the other guys involved to respond to a series of questions about their plans, so here's the first - Ryan and his Alpha Legion.

Q - Which legion/faction are you collecting?
A - Alpha Legion

Q - What attracted you to them? 
A - Three things, first I've never managed to collect a 'bad guy army'. Not for lack of trying, it's just that deep down I'm just a sucker for the goodies. Secondly the colour scheme. I looked at all the traitor legions and I like alpha the most, I'll be doing a metallic dark blue with a tinge of green. Thirdly they're mysterious, and I love that, I'm currently looking for all the info and fluff I can on them and I'm loving it.

Q - What do you consider to be their strengths/weaknesses? 
A - In terms of strengths they have lots of trickery up their powered armoured sleeves. First is martial hubris, which lets you pick one of the following rules to affect the whole army before each game, this lets you tailor depending on what you see your opponent running.
  • Scout
  • Infiltrate
  • Tank hunters
  • Counter-attack
  • Move though cover, and 
  • Adamantium will.
Alpha legion also have a few cool unique items of wargear, power daggers are a 5 point upgrade for any character. It doesn't replace a weapon, it's an extra specialised weapon S -1 AP3 rending. These go great with a power fist for an extra attack. They also have access to bainstrike ammo which becomes AP3 on a roll of a 6 to wound.

As for weaknesses, Martial Hubris, if my opponent kills more units them me they get a point. Simple but for people who don't know I always build towards an msu strategy. I've played two games so far in 30k using the 30k missions and the games ended 2-1 to me, and a 4-0 loss. Really that was a 1-0 loss but then my opponent picked up an extra point for killing more units than me, an extra point for killing my warlord as I was using Skorr, and finally an extra point for the attrition rule (killing more of my units than I do the opponent) so this leans me towards a more elite smaller unit count army than usual. Another weakness is (from what I've read) that my legion specific units won't come out on top in most circumstances vs any other legion's special stuff.

Q - How are you using these strengths to your advantage, and how are you minimising the weaknesses?
A - I'll be building smaller unit count lists and with rules coming out my ears I'll have to synergise my units to work to martial perfection :)
Alpharius is a buff machine, when on the table he gives the whole legion Preferred Enemy, which will really help out my units that are not made to take down the other legion's top dogs.

Q - How do you foresee yourself using the legion/faction? What rites of war and special units are you using?
A - I think my legion will play best at 2k plus when Alpharius is present, I'll be using Armilus Dynat as well most of the time as I love his model and rules. I'm hoping once I get to 2k plus to use the Coils of the Hydra rite of war allowing me to steal another legion's units which is just sooooo cool, though I have no idea what I'll steal till I get there.

Q - What’s in your initial 1000pt list and why?
A - Still not 100 percent on it, need a few more games to practice, Dynat will be in there and 2 units of Tactical marines, maybe one as a blob of 20 and the other infiltrating if I pick that or using Dynat's free rerollable deep strike. I want a big tank so thinking the Sicarian battle tank, then a Whirlwind Scorpius and Rapier weapons battery. Lots of shooting (thumbs up) still toying on the idea of having a unit of terminators in the list as I've seen how hard they are to take down in 1000 point games.

So there you have it - first out of the blocks, the Alpha legion - look out for another QnA session next week!

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