Thursday, 7 July 2016

June review - Lots of blue painting was done!

Greetings all, and welcome to my June review - halfway through the year already, I'd better make this a good one!

so let's have a look at my hobby resolutions first as always:
  • paint 500pts of The Bromheads. Ok so I have now decided to delete this from my list. Partly due to funding issues but mainly due to the insertion of a new project. Consequently this will be 'paint 500pts of my Horus Heresy Legion' from now on. I have a few models already earmarked for this, with more to come fairly soon I hope.
  • place in the top half of two tournaments. No tournaments this month.
  • Organise Hero for a Day - this is coming along nicely, and only now 44 days away. I'll be looking to announce the sale of raffle tickets for the prizes next week, so keep an eye out for that one - some of the prizes are incredibly generous!
  • Build/paint 300pts of marines per month. Way over the target this month, as I finished Captain Alvaro, the thunderfire cannon, Epistolary Guiomar and the second half of combat squad Primus. In total I reckon that I got about 465pts done. This will change slightly next month as I will be counting the Knight towards this total (he's meant to run alongside my marines anyway).
  • Play a big game (5000pts). No
  • Win rates - I only played 3 games this month thanks to the EU referendum and a big night of Magic The Gathering last week, but still picked up 2 wins, so 67% win rate, all with the Iron Fists.
  • I lost the 1v1 I played against Ryan this month. Gonna have to work hard in the second half of the year!
  • 5000 blog views per month. Smashed this one again, 8763 this time. It's a little bit down on May's record breaking month, but given the massive viewing figures some of those posts picked up I'm still hugely pleased with the result. Thank you all again!
  • 1 unit review per week. Urgh, miles behind now, all I can do is promise to try much harder once Hero for a Day is finished!
Blog Achievements

I think the biggest achievement I managed last month was for one of my weekly hobby updates to break 1,000 views. That's really big for me, the blog was mainly started to keep a record of my hobby progress, so for the weekly posts to reach these figures was really flattering. In fact the hobby updates I posted last month accounted for over 3,500 views!


Adsense slowed down a little this month, bringing in £3.29. Sadly that means I have to wait another month before I can ding the bell to signal I'm halfway towards getting paid, but July has started pretty well so keep it up! After having committed last month to giving you lovely people the choice of what I spend the money on, I can pretty confidently say that some, or all, of those options will be Forgeworld models for my Horus Heresy project!


I'd like to think that the models I'm producing now are the best I've ever painted. I think that's born out by the results you're seeing, and today I finally bottomed out my plan for detailing accumulated dirt and grime on the larger models like the drop pod and knight. It was a highly complex process that involves basically applying all the different shades of brown in my collection, then tying them together with a wash, but you'll be able to see the results next week!


I've done a little bit here, but mainly it's just the buildings from the Knight Renegade set. I'm hoping that next month I'll be able to crack on and get more done, including some honour guard/vanguard veterans, some cataphractii terminators and some heresy marines - watch this space!


As you saw earlier, I've not played as much as usual this last month, but with two wins and a loss I'm pretty pleased with the results. Having tweaked my Iron Fists list following the tournament I played in, I'm throwing them up against the Adeptus Mechanicus tonight - we shall see how they fare!

Till next time!

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