Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hero for a Day - The Aftermath!

Hi all,

well after 9 months and a lot of organising, promoting, cajoling etc, Hero for a Day finally happened on Saturday, and I have to say it was a huge success. The idea of the event was to raise money for the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group, and the estimated figure we've raised so far (with final sponsorship totals still to be received) is in excess of £1,300! You can still donate here if you wish, the site is open until the 20th September 2016.

First off therefore I'd like to thank anyone who donated, sent raffle prizes, took part or just generally wished us well for the event. I also need to thank Asfordby Parish Council, who not only took on board the idea of the event but also came up with a specific payment schedule for charitable events using their facilities and paid the first half of that cost themselves. Thanks must also go to Ryan Kemp for paying the rest of the hall hire himself. Gracies in Melton Mowbray kindly gave us a deal on our breakfast, Melton Toys helped promote the event on their facebook page and in their store. Amera sent us not one, but seven different items to give away as raffle prizes, and I know a certain Scotsman with a thing for scenery went home very happy with his winnings!

Speaking of which, I also need to thank the guys who came along to the event - many were my local club mates but in particular thanks have to go to Mike from St Andrews Wargaming and Rob from 30k plus 40k who both went above and beyond in terms of promoting the event on their own blogs and travelling down/up to take part (Mike drove 9 hours on Friday just to come along, and though his train journey was shorter, Rob had to brave Birmingham New Street).

I had a few tricks up my sleeve on the day that not many people knew about, including each game being introduced by a piece of fluff voiced over either by my good friend Martin Baker or Brian Harvey from the Splintermind Podcast. I also managed to cause controversy amongst the defending team when I revealed that the two team captains had a joker to play that reversed the result of a single game during the day (the attacking captain played his first). Needless to say they got their revenge and actually profited more from theirs than the attackers did.

I was really pleased on the whole with how things went. Individual missions may have needed a tweak or two but they went pretty well I think (especially given how last minute some of them were) and everyone took to them really well, with not many grumbles it has to be said.

So that's the basics out of the way - who wants to come along next time?

Seriously, Hero for a Day II will be coming next year, hopefully bigger, certainly better organised (I learned a lot of lessons arranging this one) and with more sneaky ploys for the tired and sweaty, but ultimately victorious players! I'll also be looking at refining some of the missions, and maybe introducing one or two new ones (there's a belter in the altar of war list I've tried once and want to have another go at which I think would work brilliantly in this format).

I'm certainly inclined to keep the format, so a singles game to start the day, followed by kill team, doubles and a handicap match, then another of each of those three types and finally another singles game. I have to say that whilst it was one of my wackier ideas, the handicap games seemed to go down quite well, a singles player with 1250pts playing against a doubles team with 875 each - you'd be surprised how close it could be, I know my opponents were not convinced of their victory when I played them (might be because much of their army didn't turn up from reserve...) until the later turns. Plus it's a unique selling point for the event because most 40k tournaments just can't put on that kind of game when they're trying to find a single overall winner.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let me know by commenting below, equally if you think you'd like to attend next time then get in touch, there's nothing wrong with starting early!

But what of the fate of the planet? I hear you cry - what happened to Hormung Prime?

It was saved, the invading Chaos and Daemonic forces driven back, and the upstart Tau fled the system having been taught a lesson in war. But why did they attack in the first place, what drew them to Hormung Prime?

Till next time, enjoy these photos!

The various battlegrounds of Hormung Prime
9 warriors, brave and true (well, some of them cursed and depraved) ready to do battle
Many legends were writ that day, including the tale of three crisis suits who took on a death company marine, and won!
Half way through the day and debate turns serious. The topic? Donald Trump. No, I'm not lying!
Speed meets overwhelming firepower in a clash for the ages. Keep an eye out for Mike's report on this one, it was a doozy!
6 hours to go, still willing, but less energetic
And finally, when my own energy levels were lacking, this man was there to back me up!

Game 1
Super smash got me! 17-5!
Game 2
Not such a good second result for the big man
Game 4
From then on it was plain sailing for the defenders! Mind you it does help having Gandalf on your side!

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