Saturday, 20 August 2016

Hero for a Day live update

Morning all! Hope you had a good night's sleep!

We're seven hours in to Hero for a Day now and three games done!

The defenders took a massive lead in the first game, winning the round 52-19. The attackers dragged that back slightly in the first kill team round, then in the third round Mj played his joker, switching the scores for one of the games. Despite that turning the round in our favour, the attackers took the round 28-26.

There's a few of us suffering some effects now of being up for the best part of a day already, with 16 hours still to go, but spirits are still high!

I'm expecting these pictures to go downhill rapidly.

Spirits were high at midnight

Yes, that is Tau charging a blood angel, but 5-1 odds are not that stacked even so.

Yeah, this game didn't turn out so well.

Watch out for more updates later.

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